American Horror Story: 1984 revealed as season 9 title

American Horror Story season 8For American Horror Story season 9, it appears as though we’re heading back in time — it’s either that or we’ll embarking on some sort of trip to an Orwellian alternate universe.

In a new post on Instagram, show executive producer Ryan Murphy confirmed that American Horror Story: 1984 is the title for the next new batch of episodes, and while we’re joking a little bit about the George Orwell connection, we do still wonder if there’s anything at least contextual to take away from the choice in year. The story seems to be mostly geared around classic 1980’s slasher films, at least if the teaser below is any indication.

When you’re thinking about the setting, we’ve got here a young woman traversing through the woods before eventually making it to what appears to be some sort of barn or shed. At some point after her arriving, she soon realizes that the mysterious figure chasing her means business … and has a pretty substantial knife that they’re carrying around in the process. This is a season seemingly stuffed full of things that go bump in the night and nostalgic memories that a lot of us have of being scared watching these sort of movies growing up.

Here’s perhaps the most appealing thing about 1984 to us as a season — a chance for American Horror Story to go back to basics. Rather than just continuing to elevate the crazy and see how many big-name cast members you can fit into a single frame, the goal this time around may just be to tell a story that’s a tad simplified and a little bit easier to follow – which is one of the reasons that Murder House remains our favorite installment of the series. It was a smaller cast, contained within the house (for the most part) and gave us an entire season to become deeply involved with every character. We think that this would benefit the story perhaps more so than anything — sometimes less is more, and you can get a little more creepiness out of a sparsely-populated field than one where we don’t become as invested in some of the characters because there’s not enough time for everyone to be fleshed out.

Who is appearing this season?

Perhaps the bigger headline is who isn’t, as it’s been confirmed already that for the first time, we’re not going to be seeing Evan Peters stop by as a major addition to the cast (you can read more about that here). We are going to be getting Emma Roberts, and for the first time, Olympian Gus Kenworthy. The latter is going to be playing some sort of love interest for her character. This season is going to likely have at least a number of other familiar faces for this franchise, though with us being so deep into its run, we don’t want to bank on really anyone anymore. Certain actors may decide (beyond just Peters) that they need to take a breather from the crazy. It’d be hard to really blame them if they did.

For some other news when it comes to American Horror Story…

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What do you want to see on American Horror Story season 9, and how excited are you based on this first teaser? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments. (Photo: FX.)


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