American Horror Story season 9: Evan Peters not returning

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All good things must come to an end, and apparently, that includes a run of American Horror Story episodes featuring Evan Peters at the center of them. Sigh.

Speaking in a new interview with Extra, Peters made it clear that he is going to sit out the next edition of the show — that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is leaving the show for good, but he understandably may want some time to explore some other things given that he’s a major part of Pose and doesn’t really have too many major breaks in his schedule because of it.

American Horror Story will always be there for Peters, at least provided that it sticks around on the air. We know that there’s at least one more season coming beyond the upcoming one, but beyond that the future is a tad uncertain. With Ryan Murphy moving over to his lucrative deal over at Netflix, the hierarchy is a little different and creatively, he absolutely may feel like he wants to try a wide array of stuff.

We’re going to miss Peters if he’s not a part of the show’s near-future, because he (and Sarah Paulson of course) have really become the mainstays of the franchise. While in the early going it was anchored mostly be Jessica Lange, Peters and Paulson have emerged as the stabilizing forces amidst all of the craziness. Murphy loves to use familiar actors across a number of his different projects, so we would not be surprised if we end up seeing other Horror Story actors coming back … or for some actors from other productions like Glee or Scream Queens making the jump over. There’s so much talent potentially available and we just have to wait and see who will get the call and the subsequent opportunity to shine.

New episodes of American Horror Story will likely premiere in September — with of course some of the crazier stuff coming to a head right around Halloween. After all, isn’t this some of what this show does best? For us, we’d advocate for a more stripped-down and personal season 9 than what we’ve seen in recent years, though that hasn’t quite been the way of things with this show. It’s tended to go more for big, bold, and crazy stories with a ton of different twists.

While Evan is on the break…

Wouldn’t it be great to see him do some more comedy work? After all of the crazy-intense stuff that we’ve seen from him over the years, it would be nice to have him involved in something a little bit more comedic. It’s a great opportunity for him to get some laughs as opposed to being in crazy/disturbing positions all of the time and for us to see a different side of him.

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