God Friended Me episode 20 (finale) video: Is the mystery being revealed?

God Friended Me finaleFor much of God Friended Me season 1, we’ve felt like the show’s central mystery is one that is meant to be ambiguous, and not one the writers had all that pressing a need to answer. We’ve specifically taken the stance of “maybe the real God Account is the friends we made along the way.” Does it really matter who is running the account or why they are running it?

Look at things through this lens — there’s a group of people out there who may like to think that this account is the product of some sort of divine intervention and that God himself is out there crafting friend suggestions. Even if you don’t subscribe to that particular belief, why stop someone else from having that belief if they really want to stay true to that? Is there really any downside to someone wanting to keep thinking that? In giving the account a physical attachment to someone, you solve a mystery when you could otherwise just keep it going and leave it ambiguous … unless of course you want to say that this person is acting as an agent of God and they can’t really come up with why they have these friend suggestions in their head.

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The reason that all of these questions are cropping up in our brain now is the just-released promo for Sunday’s finale “Que Sera Sera,” otherwise known as “whatever will be, will be” (which you can check out below). This is a chance for the writers to tie together some loose ends and the promo really does make it seem like we could learn the truth about the account once and for all. Maybe that’s the case and then in season 2, the creative team has a new mystery that they would like to throw out there for people. It seems a little easy to resolve the show’s greatest questions after just one season, but maybe this is an evolved 21st-century show that isn’t anywhere near as concerned about keeping viewers guessing about the same singular mystery from now all the way until whenever the show concludes its run years down the road. It’s like with Miles and Cara — they could’ve easily just shrugged at these characters getting together for another couple of seasons but instead, they did the polite thing and realized there’s no reason to keep them apart. If the chemistry is there, this is probably more akin to what would actually happen in real life. They’d go ahead, try to get together, and deal with whatever sort of problems stem from it after the fact.

While the promo may say what it does — and we’re also going to see Henry Chase for the first time! — we also gotta remember that many times over the years promos have loved to lead people astray. The last thing that we want to do here is look at this as 100% evidence that all of the big questions will be answered. Maybe CBS, much like the God Account mystery itself, is finding a way to manipulate everyone and make you think something is happening when it’s not.

If you do want some more insight on the finale before we get to it airing, you can check that out by visiting the link here right now!

What do you think is going to happen on the God Friended Me finale, and do you think we’ll get answers anywhere close to what we want? Share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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