Is Madam Secretary new tonight on CBS? What lies ahead

Madam SecretaryIs Madam Secretary new tonight on CBS? Given that our interest in season 5 is perhaps at an all-time high, this would be the perfect time for CBS to give us more.

Alas, nothing ever is quite that easy, is it? We’re going to be waiting for another week to see the return of the show at CBS, and there are still a couple of episodes left that will alter the course of Elizabeth McCord’s life forever. Take, for example, next week’s episode where she will be sitting down with Jane Pauley in hopes of trying to get ahead of some rather frustrating moments leading up to a Presidential run: Taking on bogus rumors. Somehow, some most-unwelcome gossip cropped up over time suggesting that Bess had a torrid affair with President Dalton. It’s not true and, in a lot of ways, it’s crummy that she even has to take this on. Unfortunately, it’s just the nature of the beast that sometimes, you do have to deal with speculation like this because there are trolls out there willing and ready to fan some flames for the sake of getting more attention for themselves.

Beyond this, you do also still have a big finale coming and there is a lot of notable stuff happening there. As we’ve reported over at the link here, an incident at Geneva may cause Elizabeth to press pause on leaving the State Department. It’s almost akin to having one foot out the door, but also have someone trying to pull you back inside. We do think Elizabeth will eventually continue down that Presidential path, but she wants to make sure everyone is set up to succeed after she’s gone.

We preview and tease all of this and are excited about it, but then we must remember that we’re still without a formal season 6 renewal for the show. We know that Madam Secretary is the sort of show that television benefits from as a whole. Why? It really adds a little bit more class to the narrative as an intelligent, thought-provoking drama that takes an aspirational look at politics in America. It features a lot of nonpartisan characters really working to try and get things done — which is in a whole lot of ways the complete opposite of what happens in Washington DC.

We’re sure that official word on a season 6 is going to come out by the middle of May and it will be good to know; unfortunately, we’re going to be well on the other side of the finale airing at that point. The final episode of season 5 will likely bring you something that gets you excited for the future; it’s just up to the folks over at CBS to determine whether or not we get that season 6 in the first place.

What do you want to see when it comes to Madam Secretary the remainder of this season, and do you still find yourself holding a candle for season 6? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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