Madam Secretary season 5 finale spoilers: Everything could change

Madam SecretaryThe upcoming Madam Secretary season 5 finale on CBS is going to be looking to be a whole lot more than your standard, rudimentary episode of the political drama. This is the moment where there may be no turning back. This is where Elizabeth Adams McCord faces the most important decision of her entire career.

For the better of part of this season, Bess has worked and operated under the assumption that a time would come when she would walk away from her job at the State Department and then walk towards the Presidency. She feels obligated to run for office to ensure that all of her work still has value and is not undone by another administration. By the time she would be through serving, much of her legislation and ideas would then be thought of as more commonplace. They would not change with the flick of some politician’s wrist and would be thought of as a little more stable and binding.

So Elizabeth’s got her plan, but you know what happens with plans: They fall apart, and in this finale on April 21, they could fall apart in one of the worst ways imaginable as everything she was previously hoping for starts to turn to ash. For more, take a look at the attached synopsis:

“Better Angels” – As Elizabeth prepares to leave the state department and announce her run for president, anti-globalist terrorists attack the United Nations delegation in Geneva who are there to sign the climate migration treaty, on the fifth season finale of MADAM SECRETARY, Sunday, April 21 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

After everything that Elizabeth has done, she will now face a decision: Move more towards the President and trust others to deal with this crisis, or try to take on what’s happening in Geneva and hope that it won’t keep her from pursuing a higher office. She may find a way to do both within this episode, but it’s not going to be easy.

One of the most challenging things about running for President for many politicians is having to step away from some of the duties that you currently have. For Elizabeth, walking away from the State Department is not going to be an easy thing to do. It’s a place that represents for her years’ worth of hard work, soul, and passion. She’s given her everything in order to ensure that this department has been built for the good of the world, and not just the good of herself.

Through this episode, expect to see a real test of what makes Elizabeth the person and the politician that she is. Also, we wouldn’t be shocked if the finale ends without her making a real decision as to whether or not she can leave the State Department, setting up either an agonizing hiatus or an end of the series that causes us to shake our fist at the heavens.

When is Madam Secretary returning to CBS with the next new episode?

Think in terms of a week from Sunday, and if you do want to get more news all about it, you can do so by visiting the link here.

What do you most want to see on the Madam Secretary season 5 finale, and how do you think that this season is going to end overall? Share in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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