The Durrells season 4 episode 2 preview: Margo is missing

DurrellsFollowing tonight’s premiere, are you curious in learning what’s coming up on The Durrells season 4 episode 2? Well, for starters, you’re going to have a chance to see Margo missing in action.

In the preview for next week’s episode, we saw some members of the cast embark on a bit of a mad dash in an effort to get a little bit more information when it comes to Margo’s whereabouts. We learned in the episode tonight that she was desperate to kick off her new life as a stylist. That means getting herself a proper salon in Corfu and finding a way to earn the respect and love she so needed.

With all of this being said … we’re not sure that turning up missing was a part of her plan for what she wanted to do next. What’s going on here? That’s one question that the series is going to have to answer, though we’re sure that there are some other mysteries that will surface as well. Take, for example, just how long we’re going to see Gerry continue to move forward with this new, wanting-a-zoo push of his. This isn’t something to take altogether seriously given that he’s just a kid and starting a zoo takes a lot of time and effort, but there could be potential for a lot of wonderful chaos throughout the entire season with this storyline.

Then, there’s also what’s happening at the moment in regards to Louisa and her feelings for Spiros. She loves him — regardless of whether or not she wants to, she can’t help her feelings being what they are. The main point of frustration that the character has is that Spiros is either intentionally or unintentionally leading her on. This is hurtful since it’s breaking Louisa’s heart time and time again and isn’t fair to anyone involved in this situation. Either he needs to make some of his feelings clear, or he needs to allow her an opportunity to move on with her life. As of right now, she is finding herself in a state of constant limbo, unable to completely move forward because a chunk of her heart is still harboring some serious feelings.

We are still in the early going of this season, but there is one other thing to remember — the fact that there are only five episodes to go still as a whole. That is not a lot of time in order to tie together some loose ends that are out there, but we’d like there to be a conclusion that is a warm, sunny celebration of family. The Durrells deserve it!

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