The Durrells season 4 episode 1 review: Does Louisa still love Spiros?

The DurrellsTonight, The Durrells season 4 episode 1 kicked off with the family having a new lease on life. After all, Louisa’s got herself a new boarding-house business and her kids are doing their best to soul-search and find their best way forward.

Being an innkeeper comes with its fair share of challenges, and after what we saw in this premiere, we don’t think that Louisa was ready for all of them — including the rather specific instructions of some of the clientele. One of the more interesting newcomers in the premiere was Lazaros, a mysterious man who purported himself to be a writer. He was friendly enough, but there was an echo of mystery here that soon became a scream. After all, this is what transpired after it was revealed that he was a wanted man trying to escape.

While at first Louisa was interested in kicking this guy to the curb (he’s not exactly good for business), eventually she decided that the better-case scenario was to actually help him find a way off of the island. This was not easy, especially when the police decided to pay the premises a visit in order to see if someone was there. This brought us basically to The Durrells’ version of Prison Break, where the prison was mostly the family home and Lazaros had to break out of there before he could be found once and for all.

In the end, Louisa and the kids were successful, and at the end of the episode, that led to her and Lazaros sitting together and waiting for his boat to come in to get him off the island. While there, she had a conversation with about wanting to find a new purpose in life — she felt bad about loving Spiros given that he was married, and she was hoping that the boarding-house project was a way to put her mind a little bit at ease. It just wasn’t happening. She knew that Spiros wanted to be with her, but his preexisting obligation prohibited it. This frustrated her mightily since she just wanted a way for her heart to heal.

In the end, eventually Lazaros does have an opportunity to take off to Malta — he called it a sad moment, but was it really since he has a chance to move forward with his life?

What’s happening with the rest of the family?

For Margo, she wanted to establish herself as a stylist at a hair salon. This was a career that clearly will take some time for her to start up, given that she only got so far with it across the episode tonight. For Leslie, meanwhile, he had to come to grips still with losing both the woman he loved and also the opportunity to be a father last season. He thought that he wasn’t ready for it but when he was, a lot of it was snatched away from him.

For Gerry, he’s ready to start up a zoo apparently, and he’s come up with the perfect mascot for the gig in Ulysses the Owl … who was really quite terrible.

CarterMatt Verdict

At the end of the episode, Louisa and Spiros made a deal to stop being strangers to each other, though we don’t think that this is going to do anything to resolve some of the feelings that they have for one another right now. The premiere episode was lighthearted at times and meaningful at others. This was the foundation for what should be a fun final season. There are only five episodes left, so that doesn’t give us a whole lot of time to unravel all of these stories.

What did you think about The Durrells season 4 episode 1 as a whole? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and check back soon for some more news. (Photo: ITV.)

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