NCIS season 16: Is Wynn Crawford the Big Bad now?

NCISFor everyone out there who wanted NCIS season 16 to find itself a Big Bad, it does seem like we have one now in Wynn Crawford. The irony here, of course, is that this is someone who really SHOULD be one of the good guys.

So what have we come to learn about Crawford? We’ve really only seen him appear in a single episode, but the Secretary of Defense loves to wave around a lot of power and tell people what they should be doing. However, in the process of doing this, they also have a certain affinity for corruption, pocketing money, and keeping some secrets. At the end of this past episode of Tuesday, it looked as though like they may be operating a secret bank account. While Vance was being spied on, it was determined that he was one of the few good men left in Washington and with that, the sort who could be useful in getting more information and trying to shake this situation out once and for all.

Now that we know what we do about Crawford, the next question becomes trying to figure out when the next opportune time is to make a move on him? Maybe Tuesday’s new episode could contain an element or two of that, but this feels like the sort of battle better set up for the finale, largely because you can easily figure out the sort of consequences a guy like Crawford would try to levy at NCIS if he determines that they’re sniffing him out. Think in terms of him deciding out of the blue that Vance doesn’t need to be in charge anymore. Don’t you think that this is the sort of thing that this guy would do? It feels like he’d totally relish the opportunity to come in and destroy the organization if it meant saving his own hide, and we could easily see some sort of government-agency battle kick off around this sort of subject and be incredibly entertaining at the same time.

It’s possible that the Crawford story won’t make it all the way to the finale, and that’s mostly because at the moment it feels like there are two huge stories that are each occupying a certain degree of real estate with this show. You obviously have what’s going on at the moment when it comes to Wynn, and then you’ve got the mystery about Ziva. Clearly, the writers are not forgetting about the latter, since we can point out at least three separate episodes since the episode “She” in which that storyline has been referenced … and it’s going to continue to be coming up in the future.

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