NCIS season 16 episode 19 hopes: The Ziva storyline’s continuation

Cote de PabloThe rumor mill is going full tilt at the moment around Tuesday night’s new episode of NCISand there’s a pretty legitimate reason for it. Actually, we should note that there are two legitimate reasons for it.

1. What we just saw on this past episode – It was a small moment within “Mona Lisa,” but still notable — Bishop deciding that she would go back to Ziva’s shed and collect the remainder of her belongings from the landlady. That’s not a moment that the producers included for no reason, especially since it had virtually nothing to do with anything else going on within that episode.

2. What we know we’re seeing next – Said landlady is going to be appearing in this upcoming episode, which means to us that you will actually see Bishop head over to the site of the shed and spend some time taking away some of Ziva’s belongings.

Yet, there has to be a larger reason for this to be shown on television — the idea of the producers wasting time for Bishop to fill up boxes makes no sense. There’s almost sure to be a larger reason for what’s going on here and as we move forward, we want to do our best to explain just what that could be.

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Ziva has figured out already that she can use this shed, at least for now, to communicate with Ellie. She’s done this once before, and she likely knows at this point that she can give Bishop information now that won’t just pass through to the rest of the team. She can trust her. Therefore, we wouldn’t be shocked if there is another message waiting for Bishop within this episode, one that is either a thank-you or a request for some additional help.

Or, it’s possible that we’re going back here so that Bishop will discover something that makes her tell some other people in the team what she knows. We do think that she’s developed a respect and certain level of care for Ziva, at least to the extent that she doesn’t want to betray her trust. We do think that she’d go against her wishes, but only for a really good reason. It’s possible within this episode that she could find said really good reason and that could be used to make the story unfold in some big directions moving forward — one that could lead to her showing up in the flesh.

Everything that we’ve seen so far within this storyline has been with purpose; that is a trend we feel confident will continue in the weeks ahead.

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