NCIS season 16 episode 19 photo: More on Sloane’s challenge

NCISNCIS season 16 episode 9 will be arriving on CBS Tuesday night and through “Perennial,” we have the potential to see an episode that is all sorts of intense and dangerous. It’s an active-shooter situation that takes place at a hospital, and it’s perhaps the biggest storyline we’ve seen for Jack Sloane for most of the season.

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For some evidence of this fact, you really just have to start with seeing her outside of NCIS and working with Gibbs in the field. That’s not something that her job necessarily requires all of the time, since she’s got a central location that often works from her — yet, she’s connected to this particular crisis in a way that she is not many others that we’ve seen over time. Someone inside that hospital has a history with her, and they could turn out to be a key witness in what’s happening.

Is Sloane there to show concern for them? Absolutely, but there’s probably an element of her job that comes with this, as well. She may be able to help talk them down and make sure that they are ready to embrace whatever role NCIS needs from them. It’s not entirely clear if the active shooter will be detained at the scene, after all, and NCIS may have to look elsewhere in the city in order to find them.

Because of the serious nature of this case — we’re talking about something violent and something that unfortunately may hit close to home for some communities — we’re going to spare some of the talk about how great it is to see Gibbs and Sloane working together, even though we do still encourage it every chance the show can give it to us. We just don’t think that this is going to be the sort of story that focuses on relationship-building. It’s more one that is about a problem and trying to find a way to solve that problem under all possible circumstances. It’s also going to be a chance for an awesome performance from Bello and to learn a little bit more about a character who is still fairly new.

Here’s the thing — while it does feel like Sloane is an established part of the NCIS team at the moment, we still don’t really know her that well and there are a lot of different things the producers could still educate us about her with. Maybe this episode will be one of those opportunities.

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