NCIS season 16 episode 19 video: Is someone’s life in jeopardy?

NCISEntering NCIS season 16 episode 19 on CBS next week, one thing is clear: CBS really wants you to be worried about the team. There’s an active-shooter situation at the center of “Perennial,” and this is a dangerous, gut-wrenching situation that you don’t see all that often on this particular show. Sure, you witness shootouts, but typically it’s just between NCIS agents and the bad guys. There aren’t often situations where so many innocent people are facing death.

Within this episode, it also seems possible that the life of a major character could be in jeopardy. The promo that CarterMatt has for you below certainly makes us believe that! The person we’re the most concerned about at the moment is Torres, mostly because of a decision that Gibbs himself makes to send him in to a dangerous situation. You see at the end of the promo McGee asking Gibbs about that decision while the two are off-duty. We’re certainly concerned over Torres, though we also wonder just how much NCIS wants to put Wilmer Valderrama’s character in peril for two consecutive episodes. Just last night we saw the character’s future was tangled up in a case of stolen diamonds and a murder where he was the primary suspect!

Even if Torres is okay, we don’t want to rule out the possibility here that another team member (or someone close to another team member) could be in jeopardy here. NCIS is the sort of show where there are no guarantees that your character will survive. Look, for example, at what happened with Clayton Reeves this past season! He ended up dying as a means to protect Abby, who ended up departing at the end of the very next episode.

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Within “Perennial,” the #1 goal has to be stopping the active shooter. Everyone in NCIS knows this and there won’t be any arguments about it. If someone dies, then that’s just what happens — they’d be dying for the sake of preserving the greater good and making sure other people have to live. This nature of self-sacrifice is what being in the Armed Forces community is all about. It’s something that every NCIS agent is aware of before they agree to even take the job. The people who likely struggle with it the moment are the people like Gibbs and Vance, given that they are the leaders and they have to feel the brunt of responsibility for whatever decisions that they do make. When a decision leads to a death, they may be kept up late at night wondering if there was another way, another recourse from the actions they did take.

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