Animal Kingdom season 4 spoilers: Tupi is sticking around…

Animal Kingdom season 3Curious in learning more about what’s coming up within the Animal Kingdom season 4 world? Well, in this piece we’re serving up more details on Tupi, a somewhat-familiar face you’re going to be encountering through the weeks ahead when the show returns to TNT this May.

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According to a new report coming in now via DeadlineIncorporated actor Eddie Ramos is set to have a recurring role on the upcoming season, playing a character who first appeared at the end of season 3. Tupi is Mia’s ex, a dangerous guy who has some very violent tendencies and is a hothead to say the least. He’s going to do basically whatever he wants in the moment to get his hands on some cash, and that could include making those close to him upset. There’s a lot of baggage here between Tupi and Mia, and we’ve already gotten a slice of how that could impact J. The longer that this character sticks around, the more gasoline will be thrown on top of that fire.

If we had to wager, we’d say that the primary motivation in making sure this Tupi character sticks around the Animal Kingdom world is to find a way to ensure stuff stays good and chaotic — precisely what the producers for the show want. We’re not even sure that J and Mia are going to be linked romantically for the majority of this upcoming season — if something happens to push the two of them apart, you can probably blame Tupi as one of the reasons why. He’s the sort of person who could make J question whether or not working with her is really worth the trouble, let alone having a relationship that blurs out the lines even more.

Throughout season 4, we would say that you can expect much of the same as what you’ve experienced in this world already — a world where crime and power are the primary currency. Smurf fashions herself a ringleader and has for the better part of her life, but we’ve seen now in many different ways that J is in the process of building himself an army. He’s got himself a good assembly of people around him who will follow orders and not ask too many questions; basically, he’s got what he wants, and through the remainder of this season we’ll have to see if he can keep this operation afloat for long enough that he can actually challenge Smurf. If not, he’s better off just falling under her wing before she can enact any sort of revenge. Despite having a name from a lovable cartoon, this woman can be very cruel.

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