Lucifer season 4 spoilers: One amusing Chloe moment coming up

Chloe DeckerLucifer season 4 is getting closer to being right around the corner! Maybe we’re a few corners away … or maybe the show is just a hundred or so yards from the corner that we want. One way or another, though, we’re getting closer to what we want — with that being some fun, juicy scoop on what is sure to be an absolutely entertaining season of television on Netflix.

There are obviously many things worth looking forward to coming up, but from a story standpoint alone, we’re going ahead and putting at #1 seeing how Chloe reacts to all of the news about angels and devils in her world. Lucifer showing her the Devil Face is toothpaste that he cannot put back in the tube. That’s out there now and there’s not a whole lot that can be done to change it … and nor should he really want to. He should covet honesty at this point, given that this is the glue that will bind them closer together … if it doesn’t tear them apart first.

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Justing from what we’re learning, though, it does seem as though Chloe is going to try to move forward and not let the news of this devastating secret get to her too much — though she’s going to feel some pressure. In speaking about one amusing exchange Chloe is going to have coming up this season, her is what Rachael Harris (Linda) had to say via TVLine:

“[Chloe is] like, ‘You don’t know the pressure of being the only human that knows this…,’ and Maze is like, ‘Well, I’ve got to be honest, Linda took it a lot better than you did.’ And Chloe’s like, ‘Wait, what?!’”

With that, you can assume that at some point, Chloe’s going to find herself someone new to talk about her new problems with in Linda — someone who may help to guide her through this strange existence. That should ease some of the burden that is on her a little bit.

Should someone else learn about the secret?

We kind of want to see it happen to Dan, mostly because we think that his head would explode knowing that Lucifer actually is the devil. Ella would probably have a fun reaction, but we almost want her to be that one character who remains perpetually in the dark. We think that it’s nice to keep at least a couple of characters in this sort of role to keep things grounded — think in terms of what Chuck decided to do with Jeff and Lester and what Supergirl has been doing at the moment with Lena. The more that you can create different dimensions for relationships, the more layered and exciting a show can be.

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How do you think Chloe will react long-term to some of the news that she’s got?

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