Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 21 video: Amelia’s new ‘husband’

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When Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 21 airs on ABC this Thursday, Link is going to find himself in for a surprise. To think, he goes to New York in order to work on a case, but soon after finds himself immersed in Amelia’s family — and with so many of them thinking that the two of them are now married.

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So how in the world does THIS come about? Blame Amelia herself, as she’s the one who decides to introduce Link as a spouse and feel as though this is somehow a good idea. How can she even get away with this? This is where we start to come up with some theories.

If you’re Amelia Shepherd, you probably don’t tell much of your family about some of what is going on in your life. For starters, you live on the other side of the country. Beyond that, you know that they’re a little judgmental. We don’t think that it’s out of the realm of possibility that Amelia never told any of her siblings that she and Owen got a divorce, and she could easily end up introducing Link as Owen since they never met her actual husband during their marriage.

For Link, this immediately would have to be the most awkward situation imaginable since he would be forced to not only pretend to be married, but to be someone other than himself and not even someone he knows all that well. It’s not like someone is giving him a book of Owen Hart study materials in advance and telling him to prepare for the final exam. He has to make do with the information that is given to him, though unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of this said information handed out.

This is all going to be incredibly awkward, but also more than likely very entertaining at the same time. It’s a rare window into Amelia’s soul when it comes to people who were a major part of her past — and people we don’t have a tendency to see all that often, either. With Derek dead for many years, there aren’t really too many other opportunities that we’ve had to dive into this family’s personal lives. This is a chance to reconnect, and also a chance for her and Link to get a little bit closer … even if there is a good chance that it could be under a false pretense.

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