911 season 2 episode 13 video: The quest to stop Doug, save Maddie

Maddie - 9-1-1As we prepare for 911 season 2 episode 13 coming onto Fox Monday night, it feels like there’s a rather-clear list of priorities mapped out in the promo that CarterMatt has for you below.

First and foremost, there’s this: Operation stop Doug at all costs. Seriously. This guy is the absolute worst — he’s abusive, manipulative, and he’s out to ruin Maddie’s life after she worked so hard to get away from him. She’s sinking into metaphorical quicksand on Monday’s episode and it still remains to be seen if the rest of the first responders can track her down. They want to ensure that she is okay, and they also want to ensure that she doesn’t leave because she has become an important part of this family. She’s been able to piece together the building blocks of a good life in Los Angeles, including a new relationship and a chance to actually be closer to her brother.

Unfortunately, even if or when Maddie is found, what future awaits her? More than likely her job is still there, but there are still questions aplenty as to Chimney’s status. Through everything that we had last week on “Chimney Begins,” we ironically did not learn much about his actual condition and more about this nickname. There’s a strong case to be made for 911 killing this character off, primarily in that there are only so many times that you can put someone into this many brushes with death. He doesn’t need to become the show’s version of Kenny from South Park, with the only difference being the Chimney doesn’t die with regularity; he just gets close to it.

If Chimney survives, let’s cross our fingers and hope for a little bit of a reprieve where he can actually just enjoy a little more of his life without worrying about a piano being dropped on his head or falling down a well.

On the other side of episode 13…

We imagine that 911 will dive back into a sense of relative stability, or at least watching some other characters deal with some of their unstable issues as opposed to obvious issues with the series regulars themselves. A big part of the success of this show was some of the bizarre rescue sequences that arrived week after week that we’ve never seen before on any other show, and the writers can’t drift too much from those for the sake of an overly-serialized narrative … especially when we spent the majority of this past episode drifting along in the past.

If you love Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay, at least you know that Monday’s episode will contain some great performances for them — though we find it hard to get too excited given the sort of loathsome human Doug is and what he did to Chimney in the first place.

For more details…

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What do you want to see in regards to 911 season 2 episode 13 when the episode airs? Be sure to share some of your thoughts/hopes right away in the comments! (Photo: Fox.)

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