The Walking Dead season 9 finale video: The state of Carol

Walking Dead season 8This weekend, The Walking Dead season 9 finale is going to bring you something you barely ever see within the world of this show: Winter. Think about it. Somehow, through the majority of this show’s run, we’ve only seen some very specific climates featured. We never really get to bear witness to how any of these characters are handling the cold! It’s obviously such a different struggle in a world where technology is scarce — think a lot more huddling around each other.

While the temperatures in the air are certainly chilly, the same could be said for how a number of these characters are also feeling. For more on that, just take a look at the sneak peek below. This is the aftermath of the horrific deaths we saw on this past episode — Tara and Enid are both gone, with Henry joining them in the mix. The latter is the death that seems to have shaken Carol the most, which makes some sense since he was basically an adopted son for her. Also, it does continue the super-sad trend of us continuing to lose people who Carol held close to her heart. It’s hard to know precisely why this continues to happen to her and why the writers like to keep pulling out her heart and stomping on it … but here we are. She’s going to be recovering from this for a while and for now, she’s doing her best to connect with something (or someone) as she comes to grips with some of her trauma.

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As evidenced by this preview, that something/someone is Daryl, a man who certainly knows a thing or two about dealing with loss over the years. Daryl and Carol also have a bond at this point that’s pretty impossible to replicate. They are the only two characters from season 1 left on the show and they remember everything that they’ve experienced together from the farm to the prison to anything and everything in between. While Carol may have other relationships in her life, there is something about Daryl that cannot be replaced. They will need each other, and she may actually need something or someone so much more once we get to the other side of whatever happens in the finale.

Here’s the irony in everything — this past episode was entitled “The Calm Before” and the finale is “The Storm.” If you’re to take those literally, then it would mean that the finale is actually somehow crazier than what we’ve already seen. That’s a high bar to jump past. It’s also somewhat terrifying.

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