Grey’s Anatomy season 15: Camilla Luddington on Jo, Alex issues ahead

Grey's AnatomyFollowing Thursday night’s devastating episode of Grey’s Anatomyyou are not going to see clear skies for Jo and Alex for some time.

Jo is struggling. There’s no other clear way to say it. She is having to try and figure out a way to stay afloat amidst a tremendously devastating time in her life. After hearing about her past, it’s leaving her questioning a lot of things. It’s also going to leave her clamming up around her husband.

Speaking in a new interview with Cosmopolitan, here is some of what Camilla Luddington had to say in the aftermath of what you just saw:

“I think it will derail [them] … You will see the ripple effect through the rest of the season. ‘Jolex’ has been unshakable all season, but this does end up shaking them.”

Where things get a little more curious is where you could see them go moving forward. The preview (which you can also see our discussion for below — subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more like it, and remember to check out our show playlist) focuses on Jo getting closer to Link and possibly passing along some information to him. Why him? They do have a long history together, but maybe it’s not as weighty just because they don’t have as much invested in the present. It could be something more, but as someone who hasn’t been through what Jo has, it feels almost unfair to go into speculation as to why she would do something in this particular moment. Her brain may just be a jumble where up is down and down is up.

In the end, Luddington does hope that her character opens up to her new husband before too long:

“I would like for her to tell Alex … I’m not sure she can avoid telling him forever, but that’s a very very painful thing to disclose to someone. I don’t think she’s fully processed it herself yet. I think even saying the truth out loud to him would break her right now.”

Do we think Jo and Alex get through this?

In our heart, we do … but we also have to acknowledge a little bit of history here. We’ve just seen so many examples over the years within Grey’s Anatomy of married couples who don’t make it, and because of that, we recognize that one of the worst things that we can possibly do is have an abundance of hope. We don’t want to create an Olympic sense of disappointment since with any romance, there’s no guarantee that the relationship will last. The biggest reason we are hopeful is just that Alex’s been such a longtime fixture on this show. After everything that he’s been through over the years, we don’t think the producers are angling to find a way to break him up — though if that feels like the best possible story recourse, it could still be what happens.

For more on what’s next…

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