Is Toni Trucks leaving SEAL Team, role of Lisa Davis?

SEAL Team season 2SEAL Team season 2 episode 15 was one of those episodes that, at least mission-wise, was challenging from the moment that Jason and Bravo Team got their orders. It wasn’t just about stopping a major threat; it was about having to eradicate them. The target here was none other than a dangerous man funding terrorism, someone who was always surrounded and also someone who had a thing or two for making himself hard to track.

As Bravo Team tried to find the right way to eradicate him, they kept running into one problem after another after another. It really felt like there was no proper way to take the guy down without being detected, which was one of the very things that Mandy and the higher-ups wanted them to avoid. To make matters even worse, as this episode progressed it became increasingly clear that there was an enemy presence. That’s when the situation on the ground became much more of a full-scale battle.

By the end of this episode, it felt like this elimination mission became so much more of a survival one as the Team had to find a way to pivot and navigate through every tight corner that they could. Of course, the group defied the odds and found a way to emerge in one piece — we say “of course” mostly because it’s hard to see CBS killing off their whole SEAL Team midseason, but at the same time, things did get a little touch-and-go here as this felt like a real, on-the-ground battlefield. Kudos especially to the camera team, who did a good job of throwing you into the action and making you feel like anything could happen at any given moment.

Well, here’s the bad news — despite getting off a good shot, Ray didn’t actually kill the target. He was still alive, and that means that the mission itself is one that will need to be replicated. The problem here is that next time, he’s probably going to be even more insulated and careful than before. (We just feel for Ray since he’ll probably beat himself up for a while.)

Back at home

Could Jason’s romantic life get back on track? Well, what we’re starting to get a good sense of at this point is that the man has been out of the dating game for SO long, he no longer recognizes any of the signs! Even if they hit him right in the face, he has no idea what to do or how to handle them. Maybe Jason will figure out dating at some point, but he clearly didn’t have it figured out for most of tonight. He couldn’t handle a possible relationship, but he was fine with a random bar hookup in the closing minutes!

As for Clay, he started off the episode still living in his temporary quarters. At the end of the episode, however, he was questioning whether he should’ve been taking the shot. Ray was clearly taking what happened hard, opting to go out drinking rather than going home to the people who loved him.

Is Davis leaving?

That’s what it seemed like after the mission, where she told Bravo about her plans over at OCS. She claimed that she was taking off and didn’t have any immediate plans to return — which of course leaves us with a bittersweet feeling. From one vantage point, we’re thrilled that Davis gets another opportunity! Yet, we don’t want to see her go away from the rest of Bravo Team!

For those who are worried about Toni Trucks’ future on SEAL Team, though, here’s a sign not to worry — judging from her Twitter (see below), she was still filming up until the end and hoping for another season. Unless this is all one crazy game of deception, we think she’ll still be around in some form. At least, for now, she’s got the support of Sonny and everyone else. (We also saw in the preview for next week that Davis is sticking around; she’ll just have a different storyline!)

CarterMatt Verdict

There was a lot that went down on tonight’s SEAL Team in between the mission, the personal revelations, and the possibility of seeing a major change for Davis. From start to finish, though, all of it proved to be entertaining.

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