SEAL Team season 2 episode 16 spoilers: A ‘cushy’ mission with a possible twist

SEAL TeamThere’s a pretty good chance that SEAL Team is not the first show that you’ve had an opportunity to watch over the years. Because of this, you know how the game goes. Anytime there is a slight perception of stability, something or someone comes and shakes the basket. It’s a way for any good show to ensure that there is near-constant craziness and to keep characters on their toes.

Of course, if you’re gonna try to shake up the basket of one Jason Hayes, you’re going to have to work a little bit harder than most. This is a guy with a plan A, a plan B, and probably a plan Z when you go far enough down the line. While he may think entering season 2 episode 16 (airing on April 3) that he and the team have an easy mission ahead for themselves, he probably knows that there needs to be a backup plan or two or 20. The best thing that he can really hope for is enjoy the relaxation time for however long it is there … since it is probably going to disappear like sand in an hourglass. (The picture alone should suggest alone that there’s some serious potential for action and/or drama coming up.)

Below, CarterMatt has the official SEAL Team season 2 episode 16 synopsis with news both on the main mission — plus, a side-story that will force Jason to tackle an issue a little bit closer to home:

“Dirt, Dirt, Gucci” – As Bravo Team prepares for what they expect to be a “cushy” deployment with the luxury of staying in a hotel in the Philippines, Jason tries to find a way to pay for Emma’s college, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, April 3 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Let’s talk relatability

SEAL Team, more than likely, is gonna have it with the Emma storyline within this week. Paying for college is no easy feat, and it’s often not one that a parent or parents can handle on their own. It’s about trying to find a way to ensure that someone’s education is assured and getting them off on the right foot … but also recognition that you can’t do everything. We think SEAL Team has already done enough to demystify these characters and remind them that while they are heroes, they do not have superpowers. They cannot make money grow on trees and they cannot solve every single problem with a smile or a nod. Some of the hardest missions are the ones that come about after deployment is over.

What we have the most confidence in is simply this: Jason Hayes will do everything he can to help Emma. If he did something different, we’d start to wonder if the mission in the Philippines somehow involved him being replaced with some other human being.

If you haven’t seen a sneak peek just yet for the show’s big return…

You can see that now just by heading over to the link here.

What are you the most interested in seeing in regards to SEAL Team season 2 episode 16? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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