SEAL Team season 2 episode 14 video: Preparing for the Congo

SEAL TeamIf you love yourself some SEAL Teamyou know already that you’ve been waiting a long, long time to get some footage from what lies ahead. Luckily, we now have a small tease to keep you excited for the show’s March 20 return.

In “What Appears to Be,” you will see Jason and the rest of Bravo Team prepare for a difficult mission in the Congo, one where the target is the head of a violent rebel militia group. Finding this person, let alone taking them out, will not be easy. This would be a difficult operation if Bravo Team was able to go in and make their presence known, but it’s even harder when you consider the sense of secrecy that they must have within the country, while working with the local army.

As the sneak peek below illuminates, the big challenge for the team within this episode is going to be finding a way to keep a certain degree of secrecy, given that the country itself does not hold America in extremely high regard. There will not be a parade to celebrate the team’s arrival; as a matter of fact, there could be unrest and greater violence if the public finds out. Discretion is the utmost priority throughout this mission among other things. This will be a delicate, quiet, and dangerous mission … but also one that Bravo Team should obviously be prepared for. We’ve got more than 30 episodes’ worth of evidence at this point that these characters can handle tough conditions and rocky roads that are laid before them. They’ve also proven to be survivors; what happened with Sonny on this past episode (which feels like forever ago at this point) is a perfect example of this.

Much like the sneak peek is a briefing for the characters, consider it a briefing for all of us as SEAL Team viewers. It lays out all of the pieces on the board and adequately sets the stage for the dangerous mission. The Congo is a fascinating place fraught with militant groups and a government that struggles at times to contain them all. There are also places so remote that they remain fairly untouched by American society. SEAL Team doesn’t have the time or the budget to actually send all of its characters to the country, but we highly recommend checking out the fantastic episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown to get a real sense of what the people and the culture are like. (It’s another reminder of how much we miss the late chef.)

As for what else is coming…

Be prepared for another personal storyline for Jason Hayes as he does his part to help Emma with big decisions for college … but it’s probably not going to go all that well. He’s set in his ways, and Emma is going to have her own idea (as many people her age do) of what she wants to do. This will, in the end, be a story largely about compromise and two characters trying to find a way to bridge a gap that could be as wide as a canyon.

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