NCIS: New Orleans season 5 episode 17 video: Pride’s big news

NCIS: New Orleans season 3 finale reviewTomorrow night, NCIS: New Orleans is passing along some big news for Dwayne Pride — and it definitely seems like it’s throwing him off-guard!

In the sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below, you can see Scott Bakula’s character arrive at his office with the news that he has been reassigned. However, nobody seems to know where he’s going or what his future holds. Apparently, he got a call before showing up but didn’t have a chance to answer. For most people in the workforce, Pride is facing a nightmare scenario — walking into work one day to be met with someone else in their desk, coupled with uncertainty as to his own future. Is he being phased-out entirely, shifted somewhere else, or just left to become the NCIS version of Big Head from Silicon Valley, collecting a paycheck for basically zero work? The guy just doesn’t know, and nobody around him seems to have any new info either.

What we’ve come to know about Pride is that he’s no Big Head — he’d probably rather be fired without severance than sit around and collect a check for nothing. As a result of that, he’s going to take himself back to his old stomping grounds at the field office soon — still in his suit. The second sneak peek is all about that, and you can see even from Hannah that she’s struggling to figure out her role. Is she still in charge? For now, Pride’s still handing her the reigns. He just can’t figure out the change given that his performance reviews are good — sure, he’s not the sort of person that is meant to spend the better part of his life behind a desk in a suit, but if he’s doing an effective job at it, why not let him continue to take on that gig?

While Pride’s in stasis, the show must go on and NCIS won’t be slowing things down. In the midst of Pride’s career quagmire, another case will surface within this episode; the last thing he wants is to bring that case down to a crawl because of his own problems.

What do we want for Pride?

Obviously, it’d be great to actually have him back in his old spot full-time! We want to have him bust out the denim shirts and do the job as he once did — and effectively. Yet, we also like Hannah and don’t want to see her demoted for the sake of him getting the gig. Couldn’t the two work in tandem? That’d be an interesting story twist just because Pride would have to run his ideas back to someone else — NCIS suddenly would be more of collaborative experience and seeing the push-and-pull there could showcase a new part of Pride that we haven’t seen before. It all comes down to this — we want Pride back, but we also don’t want Hannah to go. There has to be a reshuffling of the cards where this can work, right? We’ve already seen enough people leave NCIS: New Orleans over the years that we don’t need to add any more names to the list.

For some other news regarding NCIS: New Orleans, including further previews for this episode, check out the link here! Come back tomorrow if you’ve got a big-time hankering for a full review.

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