Animal Kingdom season 4 spoilers: Meet new character Rahul

Animal Kingdom season 3Animal Kingdom season 4 is still in the process of rounding out its roster and within this CarterMatt article, we come with the news of another addition to this world in a man named Rahul.

What makes him interesting? Part of it comes via the dollar signs. Per Deadline, this character is an arrogant billionaire, meaning that he’s already sleeping on piled of furs and diamonds by the time anyone meets him. That’s a tad different from the Cody family, who constantly find themselves clawing, tooth and nail, in order to get cash. This is the sort of guy who doesn’t have to scrap for what he wants, given that someone is often inclined to give it to him — think in terms of expensive items or the affection of women. If he can’t get something in the blink of an eye, he’ll hand over whatever money possible to make it happen. He’s basically one of those guys who can just throw wads of money into a furnace for weeks to heat his mansion and not even care.

So how is Rahul’s story going to apply to everyone else? Obviously, there is a connective tissue between him and the Cody boys, and it may actually be more so with Frankie (Dichen Lachman). She has a relationship with Craig that she’s already been able to exploit, but we do still think that she’s ready and willing to jettison herself from that family as soon as it suits her needs. There are similarities between her and her opportunistic sorta-partner-in-crime in Billy, with the sole difference being that she possesses the ability to go so much deeper and be so much craftier before she bails. She can also be an incredible chameleon and slink her way between multiple identities without all that much of a care in the world.

So who’s playing Rahul on the show? Think in terms of Vinny Chhibber, best known for his roles on No Tomorrow and Here, Now. It’s a recurring role, meaning that he’ll have some element of an attachment to the larger story … even if he’s not in every single episode this summer.

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The news about Chhibber’s casting comes following a number of other reports on season 4, whether it be possible new love interests or the much-hyped arrival of Bones alum Emily Deschanel as a character with significant ties to the Cody family’s past. She’s likely adopting the Denis Leary role of “big-name guest star who pops in and tears stuff up.” Maybe she’ll stick around most of the season, or maybe she’ll bail earlier than expected just like Billy did.

We anticipate Animal Kingdom season 4 to premiere on TNT come late May — we’ll be covering the show extensively leading up to that point, so don’t look at any of this casting news as the end of the coverage. It’s more a springboard to some awesome stuff that is coming up!

What do you think about this latest Animal Kingdom season 4 casting news, and are you getting progressively more excited for the show’s return? Sound off in the comments. (Photo: TNT.)

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