Is Katelyn Nacon leaving The Walking Dead, and is Enid dead?

EnidEntering Sunday night’s The Walking Dead episode entitled “The Calm Before,” all signs indicated that we could be losing someone. The teases in advance signaled that this was going to be anything but calm, as we were going to see a flurry of characters in precarious positions.

Tonight, there was in fact a lot of death — but the majority of the characters were Walking Dead nobodies, the sort of characters who you may know by name only if you’re a longtime fan. Yet, there were some deaths that are going to stand about and at least be notable from now until the finale.

Enid – This is the top story exiting the finale — Katelyn Nacon’s character was killed off as we get close to the final minutes of the episode, and it’s a big loss when you think about the length of her run. Nacon first appeared within this world back in season 5, and has been a central part of a handful of episodes until now. Many of her memorable stories came about prior to the end of Chandler Riggs’ time on the show — Carl and Enid were introduced to the show as characters who could have a long-term relationship, but that was cut down largely because of the shocking way in which Riggs departed the series.

While good on Enid for finding a way to survive on the show the past season-plus without Carl (including the big time jump), we didn’t quite know what her purpose on the show would be moving forward. The Walking Dead does need to kill off important people so that the show has this palpable sense of danger and fear; yet, you also don’t want to kill off characters who are so iconic unless the actor behind the role is planning to leave. (We’ve already lost so many in between Riggs, Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, and also potentially Danai Gurira moving forward.)

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Henry – He’s had a good chunk of Carl’s storyline from the comics this season, and we did wonder if he was going to become the sort of proto-Carl for many seasons moving forward. Yet, it’s pretty darn clear at this point that this is not happening. Given that we saw his head on the spike at the end of the episode, he’s a goner and we’ll see if there’s any other sort of kid character who takes on this role moving into season 10. (The writers may actually need to spread the love around rather than just establish a new “Carl type” — everyone’s going to have a hard time living up to the standard set by that kid.)

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Be sure to visit the link here and remember that we’ll have some more scoop throughout the week. Given that this episode is entitled “The Storm,” you gotta think that there are a few bodies that could be thrown on the pile by the end.

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