The Resident season 2 episode 18 video: Speed dating with doctors

The ResidentThe Resident likes to bring unique takes on the classic hospital drama, and we certainly have to say that what’s coming on season 2 episode 18 Monday qualifies for that and then some! In the sneak peek below, you can get a tease for a story all about speed dating … though it’s actually not really about dating at all.

Instead, what we’re looking at here is some patients using the speed-dating format in order to determine what doctor is the perfect match … but apparently, some are still using this to try and bend the rules for Conrad and Alec. In one way or another, there’s a lot of flirtation going on in this preview, at least from the patient end as they try to find a doctor and then something else. It’s a mess; an entertaining mess, but very much a mess nonetheless.

On the other side of the comedic portion of this preview, though, there is a fairly-serious note as a patient stops by with some very specific needs. Who are they? Think in terms of an Olympian in training, someone who has devoted the bulk of their career to trying to be the best that they possibly can. They bring a strict knowledge of what their body needs to the table, but they’ve also been experiencing some unusual symptoms. From the moment she arrives, this speed-dating format sort of dissolves and it becomes a little bit more akin to The Bachelorette — to use the same crude dating analogy. Conrad and Alec are both in front of her, trying to figure out a way in which they can prove themselves to be the best doctor for her. In the end she’ll go with one, and the other one can leave all sad … of course, in doing so they’ll probably be going back to helping a flurry of other patients with some other serious problems that need treating.

What we’re looking forward to seeing within this episode is an opportunity to see these two doctors compete for something a little bit different within the medical world — but also find a larger sense of looseness and a few new reasons to smile. For the better part of the season, we’ve witnessed The Resident become a little bit inundated with all things QuoVadis — which does make sense given the sort of foothold that the medical-device company has had on the story. Now that Gordon Page is gone, it does feel like the golden opportunity for everyone to take a deep breath and start to appreciate more of the rest of the world around them. They may even be able to see and experience things that they were missing around them previously. Think of it as an understandable consequence of the world they’ve been living in.

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