The Resident season 2 episode 18 video: Julian’s alive … but how?

The Resident season 2 episode 5Next week, The Resident season 2 episode 18 is finally going to give you some answers to some long-burning questions — in particular the status of one Julian Booth, a question that’s already burned through about three floors of the hospital like acid. She’s alive! There’s no point of even asking some cryptic questions or hyping up the mystery given that Fox goes ahead and gives the game away in the promo that CarterMatt has for you below for Monday night’s new episode.

At the start of the preview, Conrad and Devon found themselves flabbergasted when Jenna Dewan’s character suddenly turns up at Chastain, seemingly speaking at a conference as though that is just normal for her. Showing up, speaking at an event with no prior warning to anyone else — it’s absolutely strange. Why not give Devon a call beforehand just to say something to the effect of “guess who’s not actually dead, guys?!” before turning up? The look on Devon’s face basically says it all. The man has feelings for her — he basically gave up on his wedding for her — so the intensity here is now flying off of the charts.

We’re sure that Julian is going to offer some sort of well-crafted explanation for her absence within the episode, but let’s hone in on a few possible questions. Consider this our way of playing doctor and diagnosing the story before the truth really starts to present itself within the episode.

Where she’s been – Likely hiding out, recovering from her injuries in the crash. There’s a chance that Marshall even knew about it and was paying for her treatment, knowing that she could eventually supply information essential in destroying Quovadis once and for all.

Why not tell someone? – Fear’s a pretty powerful motivator. The less anyone knew, the more likely she wasn’t to get found out. Julian was a well-known employee of the company. Gordon Page knew everything that there was to know about her, from her story to where she lived to how she operated. He would find her and would do whatever it took to keep her from talking.

Why come back now? – You can make the “it’s her job” argument, but if Julian really wanted to be away from Chastain forever to start a new life elsewhere, she could do that. This is her publicly announcing that she’s out of hiding, making her presence known and owning up to where she’s been. If she does leave for good on the other side of this, she at least wants to offer some thoughts about why and not leave Devon wondering forever.

Could Jenna Dewan actually stick around?

For a few episode sure, but with her schedule being what it is we don’t want to shout from the rooftops that she’s about to be a series regular. There are so many other things she’s got going on, and with everything else happening with The Resident, including all of the drama with Alec and Nic at the moment, there may not be enough story to really stretch Julian’s story out unless they find some sort of permanent place for her at Chastian.

For now, we’re just glad that there will be closure rather than this door continuing to remain ajar. It’s been in that position for so long now that the draft has long infected the room and all we’re feeling the cold air.

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What do you think Julian’s been up to, and are you glad she is back within the world of The Resident? Be sure to sound off now in the comments. (Photo: Fox.)

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