God Friended Me episode 18 video: The legacy of John Dove

God friended meRemember John Dove? Well, if you’re a viewer of God Friended Me on CBS, there’s a good chance that you more than recall this character. He was the very first friend suggestion tracing all the way back to the pilot, and he is someone whose ties to one Simon Hayes are starting to become a little more clear.

You don’t have to put on a detective hat to realize why this matters. Simon Hayes is currently #1 on the God Account operator suspect list, and for good reason — he’s got this secret underground project that he’s working on and Simon does seem to have an inherent need to want to help people. Our feeling personally is that it’s all too transparent and too easy; if God Friended Me is a show that is meant to last many years on end, doesn’t it make a whole lot more sense for this show to hide away its larger secrets for a season 2 or beyond?

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Nonetheless, you can’t exactly blame Miles, Cara, or Rakesh for putting Dove in their crosshairs and sniffing around him like bloodhounds. you follow the truth, no matter what the truth is. Then, you do your best to follow the truth after the truth. What they know is that, first and foremost, John Dove is connected to the larger mystery. It may be in a way that he’s not even aware of, which is what puts him on a collision course with Team God Account during Sunday’s episode. You can see a small sense of the meeting in the promo below, but there are still questions when you think about the aftermath. What do they learn, and is there a way that the team can do research on the account without Simon finding out and derailing much of their work?

If we were to actually put on a detective hat and conjure up a theory on the subject of the God Account, it would go a little something like this: The true operator of the God Account is more than happy to divert attention away from themselves and with that, they are relishing in so much attention being given to Simon Hayes. As a matter of fact, they may be working to scratch their chin and actively encourage it. The more attention is on him, the less it is paid to everyone else. Whoever is operating this account is clearly doing so for benevolent reasons (at least so far), but maybe a stipulation of that is that they don’t want to be found out along the way.

We just wonder if at some point this season, especially if the account operator isn’t Simon, that Miles, Cara, and Rakesh are just going to throw their hands in the air and exclaim that maybe it doesn’t really matter all that much who is running the account. Maybe the real pertinent info here has a little more to do with all of the missions every step of the way.

Here’s a fun conspiracy theory for you

What if Arthur is working with some secret tech expert on the account and the entire idea of this was to help Miles understand better variations of faith, while doing good for other people? It seems like a stretch, but any solution is probably more likely than the most-obvious one floating through the God Friended Me ether.

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