SEAL Team season 2 episode 14 review: Incomplete evidence

SEAL TeamIt’s been a long, long wait, but tonight, SEAL Team season 2 episode 14 came back and delivered the goods! Emma and Jason were at odds over her college plan, Clay and Stella spent a moment together, and Sonny and Davis still got some stuff to figure out. These were the thoughts on the minds of many Bravo Team members … but as is often the case with the show, a mission comes in and, in the blink of eye, everyone’s trying to get set for their next big-time run-in with danger.

What made this one so tough? For starters, it was heading all the way to the Congo — from there, it was trying to execute a dangerous strike mission with the local military where not everyone knew just what was going on ahead of time. This was clandestine for a reason. We’re talking about a dangerous place with political unrest and near-constant uncertainty as to where everyone stands. One wrong move, and one wrong statement, and all falls apart. How can you take down one dangerous man without hurting anyone else?

This was a mission all about planning, and this is where SEAL Team shows some of its smarts. It’s easy for a show like this to be all action and gunplay, but there’s a resistance to that. The time you’re firing off your weapons with you matters and the writers understand that this is just a fraction of the SEAL’s job. You find the right circumstances and then, soon after that, you strike when the iron is hot and hope you don’t have to strike again.

When we got to the pivotal point in the episode, Jason made a difficult decision: Not to execute a strike. With that, we didn’t even have that dramatic shoot-out at all. Rather than making a big move on the target now, Jason decided that it was best to take a wait-and-see approach. This was an exercise in restraint but then also one in humanity. Drone strikes are devastating — they can wipe out communities!

On the other side of this mission…

Ray and Jason had a heart-to-heart about the nature of humanity and faith in the darkest of places — it really seems appropriate to describe it this way, given that Heart of Darkness is set in such a similar place. He and Clay had a similar discussion — what if the leader was in that house? You maybe take him out and save many lives, or you use incomplete intelligence and you end up creating an atrocity. Incomplete evidence. That’s what you can label the mission now as we wonder if there will be a return trip to the Congo in the future.

Back at home, it seems like Sonny and Davis are going to be giving their relationship a chance — though there is that risk of it jeopardizing the friendship and creating a rift that can’t be repaired down the line. For Jason, he took advantage of a chance to see Emma perform — basically, he got that green-light moment where he realized just how good of a singer she was. He gave her a little bit of applause and following that, maybe the two can start to see eye to eye. It seems like as of late, they’re looking in different directions.

CarterMatt Verdict

SEAL Team season 2 episode 14 was a worthy return. This was about humanity, from start to finish — with the mission, Jason showed it by realizing that lives are not worthy of a risk. At home, Jason realized that allowing Emma to follow her dreams was more important than trying to control her. If she ends up failing, then that’s a lesson she’s gotta learn for herself. Otherwise she’ll just be wondering what-if for the remainder of her life.

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