The Resident season 2 episode 17 review: Is Gordon Page gone?

The Resident season 2How badly do the doctors at Chastain want to take down QuoVadis, once and for all? The mafia of medical-device companies on The Resident has been in control for far too long, filling their pockets with mountains of money and thwarting everyone who stands in their way.

Tonight, Abe Benedict is the person who could turn the tide. He was the man standing in the middle of the ocean but unfortunately, this man also was also near death after Gordon Page decided to take him down once and for all. Abe’s life was on the line and it left Chastain with a dilemma: How far do you go to save Abe, when there is a much younger patient in desperate need of a similar treatment? This was a matter that was eventually resolved thanks to Nic’s urging, and there may be some happy patients on the other side. (For us, though, it’s hard to focus on the individual patients considering what is coming after the fact.)

What matters in the context of the Quovadis story episode is that AJ and the team got Abe speaking for long enough in order to ensure that he gave up one word: “Sever.” That was enough of a trigger to aid Conrad’s dad Marshall, who decided to go from the frying pan right into the fire — with that fire being Page’s office. He got him confessing to trying to kill Abe while wearing a wire in his watch, and before Gordon could do anything further to him, the FBI turned up. A chase scene ensued, and we have zero clue why Page thought that he was going to be able to take off from authorities.

Instead, the dude is dead … or at least, he certainly seems dead. We don’t know how you survive an exploding car … but we still have questions aplenty about Julian. The Resident makes strange decisions with life and death sometimes but we’re going to read the situation tonight in a pretty cut-and-dry way — Gordon’s a goner, and QuoVadis is now up in smoke. See ya later, jerk.

CarterMatt Verdict

Let’s spend some time here discussing the legacy of the QuoVadis storyline, which probably lasted about three or four episodes longer than it should have and did more than just teeter on the line of realism — it jumped back and forth like a game of hopscotch. Maybe there are medical-device companies that kill to preserve their secrets, and maybe they just have their own personal Ray Donovan who is able to make sure that those stay buried.

While we had our frustrations with the pacing of this story/still keeping the Julian mystery a secret, we can’t deny that this was a thrilling way to tie together some loose ends, including that EPIC chase scene and seeing Marshall emerge as a hero after first coming on the show as the rich, detached father who barely even bothered to be just that for Conrad. He probably should have done so much more for his kid and he didn’t. What he did tonight goes above and beyond; he looked after the entire hospital, let alone the people QuoVadis devices killed. In that way … isn’t he a father to everyone? Are we getting a little too sentimental.

We should also mention that we’re happy that Marshall isn’t dead, given that we really thought that this was a possibility entering this episode. There was the means for Page to make it happen, plus a lot of other terrible stuff. We cannot even begin to express how THRILLED we are that guy is gone … unless someone gets to him and patches him together Humpty-Dumpty style.

The story’s not over…

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