God Friended Me episode 17 review: Is Simon Hayes running God Account?

God Friended Me
God Friended Me 
episode 17 proved to be yet another joyous source of positivity — but beneath all of that, there was some conflict involving Miles and Cara that could swallow all of that whole.

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Here’s what transpired — at the start of the episode, Miles received a rather-generous proposition from a new podcast network, one that could actually help to make Millennial Prophet into the next big thing. However, in doing that, he would need to make his discussions on the God Account exclusive — standard operating procedure. Of course, that was no issue with him given that this was the way that it’s always been … but then things started to change with Cara.

Over at Cara’s magazine, she had an opportunity to suddenly do something that she never had before — have lunch with the editor-in-chief! It was a huge opportunity, but soon after getting there for the meal, she learned that he had figured out the link between her profiles and then also the God Account and therefore wanted the real story, the one everyone’s been craving: The truth behind the account and the primary suspects. There was Henry Chase, and then there was Simon Hayes — but she didn’t want to give up that second name.

Cara has feelings for Miles — real feelings. They did just kiss, after all! She doesn’t want to hurt him or ruin his career, but the obvious dilemma here is that turning away this opportunity could hurt her. She told her boss at the end of the episode that she didn’t want to write about the God Account … but will that stick? Time will tell.

The “Dragon Slayer”

This is your friend suggestion of the week plot. Ben’s a good guy — a single dad trying to make ends meet. Unfortunately, the problem that he’s running into is that he’s homeless and is living with his kid in a car. He’s got a job interview, but virtually every single thing that happened to him was a negative. He was living in his car because of high medical bills for his late wife, coupled with him being laid off. Miles bailed him out on a job interview because he had to go pick up Ben’s son Max, a dreamer who wanted to live within the world of castles and dragons.

Things went from bad to worse through most of this — Ben got a job, then seemed to lose it because of his background check. He didn’t have a home, so he couldn’t get a job … though he needed a job to get off the street. He also needed one to ensure that child services didn’t take his kid away. It took a miracle — specifically, Max fleeing off to plant a flag at a local castle (a way to remind his dad that dreams are real and not to get discouraged) — in order for everything to get better. Miles, Cara, Ben, and Max stumbled upon a park ranger who just so happened to be looking for help … which Ben was perfectly suited for because of his military background.

The Simon Hayes connection

John Dove, the first friend suggestion, saved Simon Hayes’ life! In theory, it definitely looks like the guy is running the account and his suggestions may be his way of paying things forward to certain people. Rakesh seemed absolutely set on him being the God Account operator now, but we’re still more skeptical.

CarterMatt Verdict

God Friended Me definitely did make us worried tonight, and creatively we certainly do wonder how all of these friend suggestions are so trusting. Miles gets so close to all of these people so fast! Do they have some sort of Friend Suggestion group text where they share all of their experiences?

For those wanting something more on the God Account and Simon Hayes tonight, we have a pretty compelling tease for next week via John Dove. Meanwhile, Arthur’s still taking that promotion for bishop at the urging of his kids, even though he won’t get to speak as much about them in his services. This episode inched along the story of the season, but put most of its time into smiles and inspirational stories. It’s everything we want from this show.

Where are things going on God Friended Me now?

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