Shadowhunters season 3 episode 14 video: Magnus pays Lorenzo a visit

MagnusFor any and all Shadowhunters fan out there looking for a powerful story for Magnus Bane, season 3 episode 14 is almost here! This is an hour that will tug at the heartstrings and bring a lot of emotions to the surface. It’s also one where Magnus is going to find himself in somewhat of a desperate situation.

In this preview, Magnus makes it clear to Lorenzo (upon paying him a visit) that he is intent on getting his magic back — though he doesn’t have any clear recourse in doing so and Lorenzo has banned much of the local warlock community from lending him a helping hand. These two men have a checkered history to say the least, so much so that even a checkered flag would be a little bit jealous. As a result of that, Lorenzo isn’t going to just help Magnus for the sake of helping Magnus; he wants to see him grovel. He wants to see him beg and realize (quite helplessly) that there are very few other directions in which he can turn.

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Lorenzo’s behavior speaks a lot to who he is, and the difference between him and Magnus as leaders. It’s a reminder of what the warlock community is missing … though we don’t think all that much time is spent in his mind thinking about taking out Lorenzo right now. There’s only room for one crisis at a time! The top order of business for Magnus at present needs to just be finding a way to deal with what’s going down in regards to his magic; after that, maybe he can set his sights a little bit higher.

Do we think that Lorenzo will help him?

First of all, define “help.” We do believe that Lorenzo will do his part in order to ensure Magnus gets his magic back, though in doing so may come a certain catch. Remember what Rumpelstiltskin always used to say on Once Upon a Time? Basically, it was that magic always comes with a price, and it almost certainly would here as well. If Magnus is able to fight for his power, there’s probably going to be some catch where he needs to give Lorenzo something in return — and that may not be something for the greater good. The previews that are out there already note that Alec is going to be concerned about how forthcoming Magnus is with some bits of information, and you have to wonder if it’s related to this.

If Lorenzo finds a way to cause a rift within Malec, we will riot — though we also think that no power-hungry warlock is going to cause such serious problems between the two to effectively split them apart. Just brace yourself for a few roadblocks and hurdles that they’re going to need to jump over.

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