Shadowhunters season 3 episode 14 video: Is Magnus getting his magic back?

MagnusShadowhunters season 3 episode 14 (based just on the promo alone) looks like the sort of story that could inspire emotion — a LOT of emotion. We’ve seen so much happiness for Magnus & Alec and Clary & Jace as of late that it was only a matter of time before the TV Drama pendulum swung the other way.

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There’s so much to worry about here when it comes to these relationships, so let’s just preview them one at a time.

Malec – For Magnus, it’s clearly a struggle living in a world without magic, and he’s having good days and bad days with it. Hard as it may be for him, this makes a certain degree of sense. Think about it this way — let’s say you were an athlete, and a big part of your life was playing basketball. It was a source of your livelihood, your identity, and your strength. Then, you tear an ACL and all of a sudden, you’re looking at a life where your skill will never be the same. Everything changes and there are stages of grief that comes with letting something like that go. For Magnus, there are times in which he may wake up and think that the life around him is all he needs. Then, there are other points he may still have that hunger to have his old life back, or that desire to help the Institute in what he feels to be the best possible way.

This hunger, this desire, and this longing may be behind Magnus’ decision to visit Lorenzo Rey in hopes of getting his magic back. Lorenzo may be susceptible to help him, but we’re not so concerned with his feelings. Instead, we’re very concerned about Alec’s feelings, and the notion that Magnus may be doing some recon work on this behind his back. Why not just tell him? It’s probably out of insecurity — yes, you can be centuries old and still feel insecure. He may think that admitting his struggles is a sign of weakness when instead, it’s more evidence of his humanity than anything else.

We’re not concerned over Malec’s long-term future; these two clearly love each and would do anything for each other. They just need reminders here and there that together is the only way they can tackle all these issues. Magnus doesn’t need to go it alone.

Clace – Here, the Freeform promo gods seem intent on sending Clary/Jace fans into a state of panic. Why is Clary hanging around Jonathan? Why is she telling him that she misses her time with him? Has she lost her mind? We don’t think so. Knowing Clary, she’s crafty enough to go to Jonathan with a scheme to thwart him once and for all … it may just take a little bit of manipulation at first. Once she lures him in she and Jace can make their next move. We like to think that this isn’t some elaborate secret and he’s off somewhere cheering her on — think the Shadowhunters version of her wearing a wire and fist-pumping in celebration from a surveillance truck.

Maybe this will be the beginning of the end for Jonathan, but we’re not that optimistic. It’s hard to be when we’re only three episodes in at the moment and there are still nine more to go, including Monday’s.

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