Hawaii Five-0 season 9 spoilers: Joey Lawrence returning for finale

Joey LawrenceWhile there may not be too many specific details out there about the Hawaii Five-0 season 9 finale at present, you do have Joey Lawrence to look forward to!

In a new post on Instagram (which we have for you to check out below), the Blossom alum (and recent Celebrity Big Brother contestant, who is very much still intent on playing Batman) confirmed that he will be coming back for what looks to be a two-part finale. His character of Aaron Wright first surfaced on the show back in 2017. He’s the brother of Ian Wright (Nick Jonas), a prolific hacker in his own right, and someone who at one point Five-0 was forced to work with despite his propensity for doing less-than-legal things. The role he plays in the story this go-around is to be revealed, but bringing back notable adversaries is always really fun for this show. That’s especially true for the finale, especially the last one before a landmark season 10 — provided, of course, that this renewal happens.

Answering your Hawaii Five-0 question: If you missed it, yesterday we discussed the strong likelihood of a Hawaii Five-0 season 10 as well as a question about Catherine (McRoll) within the latest CarterMatt Question Party video — watch below! On the other side of checking it out, remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube so you don’t miss out on any of our upcoming Hawaii Five-0 videos.

What do we want to see from Lawrence this go around? Potentially, a situation where Five-0 ends up using his skills to take down a wider hacker network, someone threatening to take the entirety of the island down. This hacker group can be connected to some violent organized-crime syndicate that requires a character to go undercover to get the necessary intel to stop them once and for all. We recognize that we’re one step away from fanfiction here, but this idea basically would throw everything that we love about Hawaii Five-0 at us including an undercover mission (something that we love!), potential for shootouts, and also opportunities for more of an intellectual battle at HQ. It would also serve as a great way in which to get most of the main characters involved. Maybe Kamekona ends up capturing one of the bad guys via locking them in his shrimp truck … and then gets upset when they eat all of his product in retaliation. We would happily volunteer to be the eater of the shrimp.

When will the Hawaii Five-0 season 9 finale air?

Think in terms of Friday, May 17. Given that the network announced the finale airing at a special time in 10:00 p.m. Eastern, it’s likely that this two-part finale will be a two hours on the network — something that we’ll always get behind since it means a chance to live within this world a little bit longer. Who doesn’t want to imagine they’re in Hawaii?

For some more news when it comes to Hawaii Five-0 and when the next new episode could air, be sure to visit the link here! Also, let us know what you think about Joey Lawrence returning in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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