NCIS: Los Angeles season 10: What’s happening beyond Kensi & Deeks?

NCIS: Los AngelesMrs. Carter: What’s going on when it comes to some of your favorite NCIS: Los Angeles romances … other than Kensi and Deeks?

You probably know that Densi are getting married … it’s hard not to! There’s a crazy amount of publicity out there about it in between the TV Guide cover, the promo, and some of the great photos that are out there about the ceremony. Since you already know that the two of them are reaching the height of their love story (so far), it feels like the proper time to check in further on the trajectory of some other characters. Sure, NCIS: LA is a show filled mostly with shootouts, undercover missions, and people constantly bucking authority, but matters of the heart do creep in. That’s why most major characters had a little bit of something else going on throughout here.

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Sam – It’s time to explore something further with DeChamps. The groundwork is already laid, but there’s also a certain degree of fear. There’s a hesitance holding him back. A lot of it is probably due to his status as a widower, given what he went through with Michelle and also how he’s handled her death. He may not want to dive in head-first unless he knows with 100% certainty.

The show is hopefully going to get here eventually, but I think there’s something we all need to see first: Some sort of Hanna family interaction on the subject! While Sam’s kids don’t exactly frequent this show, it does make sense for him to talk over the idea of dating someone else with them. They’re both old enough to understand and accept it; Sam may just need for them to be on board.

Callen – Why isn’t Bar Paly turning back on the show right now? There is so much more story to explore here and I think that what we saw from the two of them at the hospital is proof that even with her jail, this is far from over. It’s by far the most complicated NCIS: Los Angeles love story, but the struggle could actually make it all the more rewarding when the two actually are together again in the real world. (Sure, it’s possible that Callen and Anna don’t make it, especially since Joelle recently returned. Consider this article stating a preference in the current direction of the story.

Nell and Eric – Their relationship is almost your weekly dose of joy on this show. They don’t get a lot of airtime but they love each other and seem to find ways to show that, on the job and off. It’d be nice to actually get a few episodes that focus on them a little bit more, right? For one, this show needs their charm and their humor. Also, it’s not exactly like they’re new to this show! I get it that the writers want to focus on Deeks/Kensi with the wedding coming a week from Sunday, but following that, figuring out the next steps for this relationship should be a high priority.

Want some more Densi wedding details?

Check them out over here, and know that there’s going to be so much more where that comes from over the next eight days.

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