Shameless season 9 finale: Before Emmy Rossum leaves, look back

Fiona -Come tomorrow night, it all ends — Emmy Rossum’s time on Shameless is officially coming to a close. It is not the easiest thing in the world to accept, either. She’s been a huge part of the show — heck, she’s one of its biggest selling points!

For years, Fiona Gallagher was one of the only reasons that her family even stayed together. They never really had a father, with Frank carrying on his happy-drunk persona and doing whatever he could to sabotage his own life. Fiona was a shoulder, a rock, and a source of advice … at least until she wasn’t. The past several episodes have been rough because she finally hit rock bottom. Everything that she’d worked towards, whether it be a business empire or a steady relationship, completely hit rock bottom. All she was left with was alcohol, alcohol, and more alcohol. Max is changing that — as is a previous investment. Fiona’s salvation is set up thanks in part to a check that is coming her way; it is her get-out-of-Chicago-free card, and the thing that could spare her from floundering for the foreseeable future.

Sunday night’s episode will feature her saying farewell as she pursues new frontiers — Rossum herself has already confirmed that the goal in her exit is not to kill Fiona off. Instead, it’s all about giving her new life and giving us as Shameless viewers reason to think that she may be able to find true happiness. Chase your bliss, Fiona! If we were a friend of hers, the first thing that we’d tell her is go about as far away from Chicago as possible — think maybe California, Texas, Florida, or even Hawaii if she can stretch some of that money out. Take off somewhere that allows her to have a new lease where nobody knows her name. (It’s almost like the opposite of Cheers in that respect.)

As for the remainder of the Gallaghers, the best advice we can offer them is simple: Let her go. Let her live. Let her smile and not have to worry about taking care of anyone other than herself. She’s earned it. Also, it feels like at least some of them are mature enough to know how to handle themselves … at least in theory. Debbie, Lip, and Carl all have jobs. Ian’s in prison, but he at least had one at one point and it’s certainly possible that he will find one again in the event he’s released. The only person really beyond repair in this whole, dysfunctional mess-of-a-family is Frank. He is the walking car crash who clearly seems fine with his life being what he is.

Strive for something greater, and it’s okay if you stumble along the way. Just find a way to get back up and keep striving. This is the message we’re going to take away from Fiona’s run on the show, other than of course all of the laughs and the iconic character moments. (Think blow-ups, shouting matches, and moments Rossum as a performer struck us down to our core. Somehow, we still don’t think she’s gotten enough love for this part.)

Watch a retrospective of all of Emmy’s big moments as Fiona below, and remember to check out the link here for more details on her final episode.

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