Suits season 9: Gabriel Macht hoping for Patrick J. Adams return

Suits season 8Suits season 9 is the final season and if you’ve been reading CarterMatt for a while then you already know that. You probably also know that there’s a demand to get Patrick J. Adams back for at least an episode or two. He and Harvey were the dynamic duo for much of the show’s early days and without him involved the ending just wouldn’t feel the same. Nobody’s thinking anything crazy, i.e. trying to get Meghan Markle back to the show. Getting Adams on the show feels a little bit more feasible and there could be mutual interest!

So what could actually hold it back? Our primary fear is something logistics-related, such as Patrick being busy at the time in which Suits would want him. Other jobs have to come first when you’re not a series regular on a show, but we personally like to think that if the idea is strong enough (it’s Suits, so it probably will be), things will work out. We certainly know that Harvey Specter himself in Gabriel Macht wants it to.

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Speaking via TVLine, Macht notes that the series “really started as a two-hander … And to finish the story without Mike, or Patrick for that matter, wouldn’t be doing justice [to] the fans or myself. I really want him to come back. So I’m really hoping that we have that opportunity. If we do, that will be the icing on the cake.”

So, consider this out in the universe, bouncing off satellites and various other space-objects. Hopefully, the message will eventually transmit itself directly into the writers’ room and Patrick will have an appearance like no other. There is definitely a part of us that wants it to be a total surprise, but secrets are really hard to keep these days in television (thanks social media!). That’s especially the case when you’re a long-running show and a lot of people already know where you’re filming.

Beyond just Patrick…

Of course, we want to see a number of other familiar faces across the final episodes of the series! We don’t need Suits to devolve into a chorus line of cameos, but it’d be nice for Aaron Korsh and all of the writers to tip their caps and pay homage to all of the people who made this show what it was. It is because of the strong writing, the fantastic performances, and the show’s signature style and tone that it made it this far. Let’s allow all of that to shine before the final curtain drops. Even when it does, it’s at least a relief to know that the Pearson spin-off is coming.

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