Suits season 8 finale: Series boss on Harvey, Donna, & what’s next

SuitsTonight’s Suits season 8 finale delivered the moment to top all moments and one that viewers are absolutely going to remember. That’s especially true when it comes to Harvey and Donna.

In the closing minutes of this episode, these two characters finally did the thing that everyone’s been wanting for some time: They got together. What made this even better is that it felt earned and a real culmination of a journey. It didn’t happen by random chance. It happened as a result of Samantha, realizing that her mentor in Robert Zane wasn’t going to be able to be there for her anymore. This, in turn, led to Harvey asking an important question: Who did he want to be there for him? Who was one of the most important person to him? Samantha’s relationship with Robert is certainly different from Harvey’s to Donna, but the sentiment is that you want important people around … and it all finally clicked to him. He showed up at her apartment, he kissed her, and then there was a whole lot more than that we don’t need to fully describe here. More than likely, you get the drift if you’re a longtime viewer.

So what comes next for these two? Obviously, getting together is not going to be the end of the story for them, since there’s a season 9 and there are challenges that come with working together, especially in power positions, and also having a relationship. The good news for those worried is that it doesn’t seem like the two are going to be drifting away from each other anytime soon. Here is some of what show boss Aaron Korsh had to say on the subject to TVLine:

We’re going to follow their growth. If you want to say they’ve had these feelings that they repressed or were unable to communicate for all these years, [then Donna and Harvey are] not the world’s best communicators with each other, and they’re going to have to learn how to do that. When you’re in a relationship with someone, learning how to communicate with them is probably the most important key to success. They’re going to have to learn how to handle their issues in a relationship the way people do, the way couples do, and we’re going to see that. It’s not going to be the highlight of every single episode, but I would say it will be there in pretty much every episode. We’re going to explore how they handle this newfound relationship.

Where the relationship goes over the final ten episodes should be very fun to watch unfold … but beyond all else, we’re just thrilled that we get to see that journey. We’ve long felt like “Darvey” would be together eventually, but were concerned it would be some sort of big series finale moment to tie a bow on the entire journey. Now, there’s something else. A next step.

When could Suits season 9 premiere?

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