Suits season 9 premiere date hopes for Gabriel Macht, cast

Suits season 8 episode 2Following tonight’s finale, it makes sense to be thinking about a possible Suits season 9 premiere date pretty much immediately. Luckily, we are here to help with that! Over the course of this article, we’re going to offer up our take on when the show should return, but also some of what you should expect to see story-wise.

It is admittedly a relief to know already that Suits is coming back for a season 9. It’s also bittersweet, given that it is the final season. This show has long been a cornerstone of much of what we love and is one of the final shows that we consider to be a part of the golden age for USA as a network. You can actually call it somewhat of a transition show between some of their lighthearted shows like Monk, Psych, and Royal Pains and some of what they’ve done a little bit more recently with Mr. Robot or Queen of the South. It’s got a legacy that is already locked in stone, and it’s hard to imagine anything that it does for the rest of the way really changing that. (For the record, we know that most of the mainstream will probably remember Suits the most for Meghan Markle … but we don’t see it that way, great as Rachel Zane was. It’s about the full cast and getting to see some exciting stuff for all of them.)

So when will the final ten episodes start airing? We’d circle two different months in your calendar — if you are someone who actually keeps said calendars to circle. Every season of Suits has kicked off either in June or July and the most recent ones have all aired around the second or third week in July. That’s the likely start for the show. It gives production time to develop the story, and also to get a number of episodes in the can. It also is still early enough in the year to ensure it is wrapped up before the start of the fall TV season. We know that it doesn’t necessarily have to worry about ratings competition anymore, but there is selfishly still a part of us that wants to ensure that the show finishes in as strong of a way as it possibly can. It’s only going to make its legacy that much stronger.

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What do we want to see over the final episodes of Suits?

There’s quite a lot, with a return from Patrick J. Adams necessarily high on the list. You’re not getting Markle back pending some sort of modern-day television miracle; getting to see Mike Ross one more time, however, is a different story. Even if it is just for one scene, that will mean a lot to people who cherish the show’s early days where Mike was hustling to make it big, while still hiding his big secret that he was not actually a lawyer. (We’re nostalgic for that, though we continue to maintain that this current iteration of Suits is so much better than expected.)

As for Harvey, obviously having some more heartfelt, touching moments with Donna are up high on the list, in part because of their relationship and in part also because we cherish any opportunity that we get to see these characters be vulnerable. They’re so aggressive in the courtroom or at depositions; it’s almost always great to see their range. (Also, aren’t some of the best Suits moments ever the ones where friendships/relationships are solidified? Aaron Korsh and the team can find a way to pluck a tear-jerker out of almost anywhere.)

What do you want to see on Suits season 9, and when do you want to see the show back on the air? Share below. (Photo: USA.)

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