Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 18 video: Tani, Junior hit the gym

Hawaii Five-0For all of you Hawaii Five-0 fans out there who love to see some of these characters pushed outside of their comfort zone, you will see that on season 9 episode 18! This is where Junior and Tani are going to find themselves hitting the gym in order to uncover a secret steroid operation that is causing some dangerous side-effects … and it may also be one of the funniest plotlines we’ve seen in a good while.

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Before we saw the new footage for this episode (we have that for you below), we had no idea as to how the writers were going to frame this. Were they going to give you a more serious presentation of gym life, or try to instead lean into the comedy? Let’s face it — we feel like what you see in this preview is what most people perceive the gym to be these days — obnoxious bros who love to talk about themselves, including one guy who feels desperate to share all of his thoughts on Instagram. Junior’s having to do so much undercover work that it may seem as though he’s actually hitting on some of the guys with all of the questions that he’s asking.

Unfortunately, he and Tani both are realizing that nobody’s altogether keen on sharing any of their secrets … which isn’t a surprise. They’re gym people! Even those who aren’t involved in some shady business want to keep their workout secrets on the down-low. It gives them that extra boost so that they can flaunt themselves front and center.

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Now, the true comedy begins

Let’s turn now to Tani, who at one point in this sneak peek finds herself in a very delicate situation: Having to teach a “booty boost” class. The usual teacher had to take care of an emergency and because of that, she finds herself forced to keep up her gym employee cover by teaching a bunch of women about something that she seems to know nothing about. Her entire class seems to be mostly just about dancing, which is probably way more fun than the real class but probably doesn’t produce any actual results.

There’s likely a bunch of newcomers in here who will not think anything of this and may actually think that this is the real class. Yet, there’s always going to be THAT person who comes and calls out the truth — that’s what we are expecting on the other side of this preview. The moment Tani gets found out, is the moment it’s going to be that much harder for her and Junior to get some answers. Hey, at least we were majorly entertained along the way, right?

For some more news on this episode…

You’re going to want to visit this link since that will tell you more about the special appearance from Joan Collins! She’s going to be essential in the story of this episode, as she’s playing Danny’s mother-in-law, a successful author in desperate need of some added security.

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