Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 18 video: Amanda Savage flirts with Steve

Hawaii Five-0Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 18 will be gracing your television sets on Friday night, and it does seem as though it will be a tale of two different stories. How should we start off this preview — by focusing on the comedic, or the dramatic?

Given that we’re a sucker for comedy, it shouldn’t be shock that we’re leaning in this reaction. There’s just something that is so fun about getting to see Steve and Danny work as security detail, and for Danny’s former mother-in-law in Amanda Savage, no less! We wrote recently that the incomparable Joan Collins is appearing in this episode as this year, and that she’s going to take quite an affinity for Steve, no less. While we knew that some flirtation on her part was coming, there is something fun that comes from seeing it on the show. Even when you know that it is coming, it does still put a smile on your face to see the humor in the moment. Steve better be prepared for a lot of this, and Danny better be prepared to be more aggravated than usual.

Granted, we don’t think that Danny should be all that shocked by any of this. Why in the world would Rachel’s mom be all that fond of him? It’s possible she never thought he was good enough for his daughter, for starters, and now, they’ve split up! She may blame him for the marriage not working in the irrational way that many parents could — they’re always going to be inclined to protect their own child, even though typically marriages don’t work because of the mistakes that both parties make.

Even if Amanda is actually more angry towards Danny than she lets on, we’re sure on some level she remembers that Danny is trying to help her with this mission. Do you really want to scare away someone who is supposed to be protecting you? Just a little bit of food for thought here.

As for what else is coming up…

We’ve mentioned before that Junior and Tani are going to be working undercover at a gym, and we’re getting a pretty good sense as to why — they’ll be working in order to determine who’s behind a dangerous steroid that is causing some people to hulk out. There’s some sort of odd steroid-for-blood trade that is happening on the island and Five-0 has to get to the bottom of it! This will be an odd story … but also probably entertaining, mostly because anytime that you can send a character or two undercover, you’re going to have some fun interactions as a result. Can you imagine Junior trying to act like a gym bro?

If you missed it…

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What do you want to see ahead on Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 18?

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