Is Hawaii Five-0 new tonight on CBS? More Joan Collins details

Joan CollinsIs Hawaii Five-0 new tonight on CBS? Within this piece, we’ll be answering that question in regards to your favorite Ohana — as well as sharing some additional insight as to what lies ahead.

Before we dive into too much else, let’s get into answering that first question — there is no new episode of the show on CBS tonight. It’s a television desert out there tonight. You’re going to have a chance to watch a repeat if you’d like, but after doing two separate episodes last week, you cannot be altogether shocked that the network is taking this week off. It’s almost like the double-episode last week was meant to compensate for nothing being on tonight – and when we say nothing is on… there is really nothing on. It’s slim pickings friends.

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So what is happening with the show returns to the air next week? There are a couple of important things worth noting.

1. Joan Collins – How much more do we need to say? We could just say her name and we feel like that would be enough. We’re talking about a legend here! The actress is appearing as Danny’s ex-mother-in-law next week, and her role certainly seems to be something that we are going to want to get our popcorn ready for since it’s going to ruffle some feathers. She is a successful romance author and someone who will be on the island as a part of what looks to be a book tour. (The photo above is proof of that.)

Yet, it doesn’t quite seem as though everything is particularly rosy for Collins’ character, as she’s going to look towards Danny and Steve to serve as her security detail. What’s going on here? It certainly feels as though things are a little more complicated than they appear on the surface, mostly because not every author needs this sort of protection. Maybe there is something a little unexpected that goes down that makes her think that she needs a little bit of extra muscle around. We know that she’s going to be quite fond of Steve (aren’t we all though?) — as for Danny, not so much. She may have a little bit of resentment over the fact that he and Rachel are no longer together, or she may have just never been that much of a fan of his in the first place. This is an opportunity to flesh that out.

2. Junior and Tani go undercover – For this case, they will be working to solve a case by heading over to a gym — which we think has the groundwork for some excellent comedy. We’re sure that every person with a regular gym membership (personally we would never be caught in a gym since we don’t like working out even a little) assumes that at least one or two other regulars are up to no good — maybe they don’t wipe down the machines after the fact or they take too many towels after they shower. Or, maybe they’re the worst offender: The person who takes Instagram photos in front of all of the equipment instead of using  it to actually work out. This is not a crime, but there are probably many a gym rat who wishes it was.

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What do you want to see on Hawaii Five-0 moving forward, and are you sad that there are not any new episodes on the air tonight? Share in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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