Grey’s Anatomy season 15 spoilers: Abigail Spencer back as Megan!

Meredith - Riggs - MeganExcited for the rest of Grey’s Anatomy season 15? Here’s another great reason to be — Abigail Spencer is coming back to the show as Megan Hunt!

This glorious news was first reported by the Timeless actress herself on social media, showcasing the character’s signature red hair. Spencer’s journey to this role was a fascinating one in its own right — the part was originally played by The Last Ship actress Bridget Regan, but she was unable to return for the character’s big arc due to scheduling conflicts. Spencer stepped in, and took on the part of Owen’s once-presumed-dead sister until she had to head on over to the Lifeboat for Timeless season 2.

This is a role with tremendous heart, but also a lot of pain given how much Megan had gone through and the questions surrounding her past with Nathan Riggs and all of the weighty stuff that was there between them.

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The last we saw Megan, she and Nathan were actually set to kickstart a life together in California, one that constituted a new start amidst the crashing of the waves and the towering palm trees. This was their opportunity, and it also represented the end of Martin Henderson’s time on the show as a series regular. It was an emotional end, but one we considered to be happy. Riggs had a chance to restart his life with a woman he loved, but there was no guarantee that anything would work out. (There is no indication, at least as of right now, that Henderson is returning.)

So what brings Megan back to the Grey’s Anatomy world? There’s no denying that Owen needs a little bit of help right now, especially since he has this proclivity for making his life into an unholy mess in just about every way imaginable. Just take, for example, the state of things with him and Amelia — it almost feels like calling this a dumpster fire is being too kind. It’s basically an everything fire right now! He needs to straighten himself out and put whatever anger he has towards Koracick and Teddy to the side. He’s presumably got Leo back, he’s got a good job, and Teddy is expecting his baby. While his world is messy, there’s a way to clean up the mess without turning it into a disaster zone.

Spencer’s been rather busy over the past several months — in addition to doing the Timeless finale movie, she also recently came back to her role as Scottie on Suits and she is set to star in a new series on Hulu entitled Reprisal, one with some serious femme-fatale twists to it. (You can read more about that now over here.) This is clearly Abigal Spencer’s time to shine!


Now is ALSO a great time to be a Grey’s Anatomy fan! There are a lot of big episodes coming up, including another new one on Thursday that you can preview further just by visiting the link here. Let’s hope for new twists, creative cases and a few reasons to think about why this show is changing the game yet again. Getting Spencer back down the road is just a way to top off all of the excitement.

What do you want to see from Abigail Spencer on Grey’s Anatomy this time around?

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