Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 16 preview: ‘Blood and Water’ ahead

Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 6Based on where things are at entering Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 16, we’ve got a feeling that the fun of tonight’s celebration is going to vanish right into thin air. While some characters saw their night end with good news (Take, for example, Owen with Leo), there are some other issues rising to the forefront.

What are we talking about specifically? Think along the lines of Andrew DeLuca, whose father turned up on the scene unexpected and right before he and Meredith were about to go inside his apart. He’s got a lot to deal with, and while things seemed to go okay in the end with Alex and his mom tonight, there is this underlying feeling that nothing will stay this way for good. These are characters whose problems could manifest in unexpected ways next week on “Blood and Water” — one way or another, we know that Meredith will be put in a challenging, compromising position at the end of all of it.

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Below, CarterMatt does have the official Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 16 synopsis, which does offer more insight on what is coming:

“Blood and Water” – Meredith finds herself having to side with either Alex or DeLuca during a difficult situation, but she doesn’t want to betray either of them. Meanwhile, Maggie reveals details about her personal life that cause a public stir, and Levi struggles with whether or not to tell his family about Nico.

We feel like we’ve spelled out the stories for Meredith, Alex, and DeLuca in every way that we can, other than possibly stating the obvious: There could be tension just because Alex and Meredith are so close and maybe Andrew feels threatened by it. Is this diving back into the same well that the show’s already swam in with Jo? Sure, but it would make some sense for DeLuca to feel that way depending on the circumstance.

As for what’s going on with Maggie, let’s just hope she doesn’t go too far down the rabbit hole with her old archnemesis and the article about her surgery — it’s just not worth it, even if that woman is infuriating and not someone anyone would want to deal with in a consistent way. Meanwhile, for Levi and Nico, we’re mostly just all about celebrating the two of them continuing to build on the relationship that they have … and Nico’s gotta be patient with what Levi wants to do with his family. This is all still new to him and he shouldn’t be pressured to rush into something. The fact that the two are just in different journeys of their lives as gay men could occasionally create challenges; it’s one of the reasons Nico had concerns in the first place, but they are capable of working through them with time and enough effort.

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