Outlander season 5 questions: What’s next for Sophie Skelton’s Brianna?

It’s Sunday, and what that means beyond all else is that it’s time for another edition of our Outlander season 5 character questions! Within these pieces, we try to take a look at some of the best characters that the Starz series has to offer, pondering over their best path forward — and also the best way to get great material for the actor in question.

For this article (and video — check that out below, and be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube while also visiting our show playlist), we’re putting the focus on Sophie Skelton and her magnificent character of Brianna. No doubt, she had an incredible journey to even make it to this point, including many victories, traveling through time, a traumatic assault, an engagement to Lord John Grey, and now a reunion with Roger. Skelton should be an Emmy contender for her work, but we’ll have to wait until this summer to discuss that a little bit further. For now, the focus is instead on trying to piece together where the path of this story should take her next.

(Remember, there are no book spoilers ahead — read with confidence!)

1. Can Brianna and Roger find happiness? – As much as we’ve wanted to root for the two of them, it is fairly easy to forget about the fact that they haven’t spent too much time together! Most of their visits are short and their reunion back in “Wilmington” did not last particularly long at all. They may love each other, but they still have so much to learn. It’s silly to think that they will be able to move forward and not experience stumbles; they’ll be better off if they expect them.

2. Will they be able to coexist with Jamie and Claire on Fraser’s Ridge? – If they all go back there together as one big family, there will likely be many wonderful family moments … but then you remember that Jamie beat Roger to a pulp and that Roger got some blows on him in the finale. The history here makes things tricky, as will the fact that Bree and Roger will be living around her parents! That’s not easy, no matter what situation that they’re in.

3. What role will Bree take on? – Is she going to help Claire with her healing, help tend to the land, or go off on various hunts? Will she be a historian of sorts of work to gather information about other locals? Beyond just raising her baby boy, she’s going to have other responsibilities. She has a unique skill set in that she understands history, but she also understand engineering. How applicable will that be in 18th-century North Carolina?

4. What is the residue left from what happened with Stephen Bonnet? – Given that the jail blew up and no one saw Stephen Bonnet alive on the other side, she may assume that he is gone. Yet, what happens if he’s not … or even if he is dead, the trauma still remains. This story is going to stick with Brianna — it has to, in order to be believable, and Skelton has done an excellent job with the material so far.

5. What do certain relationships in her life look like? – We didn’t really get to see much of Lord John at the end of the season. While he’s surely fine with her moving on and starting a life with Roger, we would like to see the two together again! Their scenes were a joy to watch. Meanwhile, what about Lizzie and Brianna? While Bree certainly understands Lizzie trying to look out for her, she’s also fully aware of the role that she played in Shadow Lake story in the first place.

What should be coming up for Jamie next season?

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What do you want to see for Brianna across Outlander season 5?

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