Outlander season 5 questions: What’s next for Sam Heughan’s Jamie

OutlanderEvery Sunday, we embark on a simple journey in our Outlander character questions series … a speculative one. This is where we put on our detective cap and have a little bit of fun thinking about what could be coming up next!

Last week, the season 5 voyage began with a discussion about the future of one Claire Fraser (played so eloquently by Caitriona Balfe); today, the focus is now on Jamie! There are so many different directions that his story can go, and that is just talking about what we’re witnessing on the small screen. Quick Reminder: Character questions articles are spoiler-free and independent of what comes next in the books. This is all about just having fun and discussing one of our favorite characters!

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Without further ado, let’s get to some of the questions.

How does Jamie handle his new orders? – This is obviously the #1 question that Jamie has in his mind. He has to, after being told that he needs to form a militia to take on the Regulators — most notably, Murtagh. He is going to have to figure out how to navigate these choppy waters and determine where his allegiance lies. Obviously, it’s to Murtagh over Governor Tryon, but this is not so easy as drawing a line in the sand. There are violent ramifications to such a declaration and he has his family, and Fraser’s Ridge overall, to think about.

Can Jamie form a better relationship with Roger? – The two most notable scenes featuring the two characters involve them battling each other physically. Can a more emotional connection flourish? Is there a way to see a deeper bond? They’ve gone through something that they cannot forget, but there may be still a way to move forward. Roger is going to remain a part of his life, so it would benefit them both to find more common ground.

How do you address the rising population at Fraser’s Ridge? – Jamie and Claire’s cabin wasn’t exactly built for his daughter, his son-in-law, and his grandchild. They’re going to need more space, and that makes sense given that this was meant to be a community in the first place. We’re fine with getting more of Jamie Fraser: Construction magnate in season 5, given that there is something quite relaxing about watching him and his family work on establishing an even greater, larger home for themselves.

What will the next conversation with Lord John Grey be like? – The two men have a deep and complicated history, and both Sam Heughan and David Berry flourish when together. Yet, when you think about it, much of Berry’s most-notable work came with Caitriona Balfe and then Sophie Skelton in season 4. Will there be more direct conversations between the two in season 5, and if so, what will that look like? Will Jamie express great gratitude over some of what Lord John did in order to help him?

How much will Jamie think about Young Ian? – Even though Ian willingly agreed to stay with the Mohawk, it is not lost on Jamie that this came about as a result of his own actions. Young Ian wouldn’t have sold off Roger without getting the direction to dispose of the man he thought to be Brianna’s assaulter. Is there any guilt he will wrestle with, or will he be able to store this away in the back of his mind, almost like a box that doesn’t need to be opened? He’s been able to withstand some other difficult matters in his past, and while difficult, it may not at least be as traumatic as some of them.

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