Siren season 3 renewal odds: Is there hope for Freeform series?

Siren - FreeformDo we think that a Siren season 3 renewal could be announced, sooner rather than later? We do think that the timeless is such that news may need to come out sooner rather than later…

Typically, the way network television works is that a full season airs and somewhere near the end of that run, you get a chance to either breath a sigh of relief and shake your fist in anger — all depending, of course, on what a given network decides to do. When it comes to Freeform and Siren, things work a little bit differently. Because the series is airing its batches of eight, there’s a chance that the second half of season 2 will not air until after a potential season 3 starts filming. The network does this in order to have the show on the air throughout the year so that there’s a shorter hiatus between seasons. Let’s not act like this is anything super-innovative, given that The Walking Dead and Suits are two examples of shows that have done this for years on end already.

As for whether or not Freeform is actually going to give Siren that season 3 order, for now we’d say that cautious optimism is the name of the game. You don’t want to be crazy confident, but there are some reasons to think that it will happen.

For starters, look at the live ratings. Season 2 is drawing, on average, a 0.2 rating and just over 500,000 viewers a week. It may sound crazy to say it, but these are actually some of the better average ratings for Freeform these days. This is not a network that is picking a lot of big-ticket hits these days, mostly because they are recognizing more and more that young viewers don’t really watch a lot of live television. They have to find a way to draw more viewers in via DVR, via streaming, and some other non-traditional means. Luckily, Siren does have a the potential to do that given its supernatural basis and the popularity of mermaids in general. While many of its viewers may not be old enough to remember when The Little Mermaid first came on, odds are a lot of them at least grew up watching it at some time. They’re just such a fully-cemented part of pop culture — they’re mysterious, but also close enough to humanity to be considered relatable.

So when looking at the full picture, there is very little reason for Freeform to cancel it right now. As a matter of fact, we could easily see there being at least a couple more seasons in its run. Shows themes around young adults are often hard to keep on the air for a significant stretch of time, mostly because this audience does at times tend to “Age out” of shows. A Pretty Little Liars sort of run is the exception more so than the rule.

So when could a renewal be announced?

It’s possible Freeform could do something to coincide with the midseason finale, but the upcoming upfront presentation in May seems like a fantastic time to get some more information out there. They like big, splashy announcements, and this would almost certainly fit that bill.

Want to preview what lies ahead on Siren?

You can do that just by visiting the link here.

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