Supergirl season 4 episode 13 video: Nia Nal visits Fortress of Solitude

DreamerOn Sunday night’s Supergirl season 4 episode 13, brace yourselves — the Fortress of Solitude is making a comeback! That’s exciting, and so is the introduction of Nia Nal to the place.

In the sneak preview below for this episode, Kara does her best to make Dreamer feel at home in this most-unusual space, which really does feel like a far cry from anything else you see on her Earth. That is a big part of what makes this fun — it is this very iconic location and yet, Kara really makes it feel like it’s not all that big of a deal. If Superman really does stay away for some time, Kara is going to be the primary denizen of the Fortress — she’s got to keep it up to snuff and make sure that it remains the perfect escape for a Kryptonian on Earth.

As for Nia, she’s a worthy visitor. She’s shown herself throughout this season to be nothing short of caring, and is the ideal sort of person Kara would want to work with on future missions. She’s not perfect, and her powers have not been completely honed. Yet, that’s not necessarily something that she needs at present. What likely matters the most is that Nia is willing to learn, which she is. She is just going to have to learn on the fly since there isn’t a lot of time for an elaborate training montage. The Elite (compromised of Manchester Black, Menagerie, and The Hat) are going to be doing battle with the Children of Liberty, which of course puts Supergirl in a position of peacekeeper. The main problem is that none of these groups actually want peace; instead, they want to blow each others’ brains in. She’s going to have to fight, and that may be the only solution that keeps people from turning up dead.

Ironically, the part of this sneak preview we enjoy the most is probably the part that has the least to do with the actual story — it is the rivalry between Brainiac and Kal-X2, which we mostly find to be amusing just because Brainy seems to be so incredibly jealous of the fact that there is someone else out there (even an AI) who is able to tend to whims and have some sort of beyond-human intellect. We especially enjoy Brainy’s nickname for the droid — “Kleenex.” It’s the most juvenile thing ever but we’re still totally here for seeing Brainy pout and get upset over this.

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