Suits season 9: Is a Patrick J. Adams return as Mike Ross necessary?

Patrick J. AdamsSuits season 9 is coming our way soon, and we know already that it will be the end of the line. After the upcoming ten episode, there’s a chance we may never see anymore attempts by someone to shut down the firm, chances for Donna and Harvey to build their relationship, or opportunities to see Louis Litt work his unique brand of magic. (Sometimes, yelling is involved in that.)

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For the sake of this article, though, we’re looking back at the first seven seasons of the show as we ponder future possibilities for Mike Ross. Could Patrick J. Adams return to the show, and is it necessary that he does?

Let’s make one thing quite clear right now: There’s really no point in talking up the chances of Meghan Markle returning. The Royal Family is not one to have its members routinely appear on television shows, especially one filmed outside of the United Kingdom. Rather than ponder over miracles, let’s stick within the realm of reality.

Mike Ross is an iconic television character — a good guy who started off the show doing a bad thing, one that he continued to do for the majority of the show’s run — he pretended to be a lawyer when he was not. This is the sort of practice that could’ve easily screwed over clients and ruined lives; that just didn’t happen because Mike was a natural in the job. He was genuinely skilled, hard-working, passionate,, and determined to get justice for his clients at all costs. He was a lawyer in everything other than a license, and even that issue was officially figured out.

More so than just being a lawyer, though, he was also a friend. The relationship between Mike and Harvey was a cornerstone in early Suits. Harvey is not the sort of guy who often expresses his feelings, but we know that he missed Mike. He could be himself around him, even if “being himself” at times meant swearing up a storm and demanding that some outside attorney get his (bleep) together. They somehow managed to have fun even in high-stress environments … though they may not have realized they were having fun until after the fact.

The case for more Mike

It’s pretty simple: We want to get that nostalgic comeback! It would mean a lot for longtime fans to see Mike again and we also get the sense that Adams would be open to the idea — nothing is guaranteed, but it does appear as though he is interested in coming back, provided that the story is right for him.

We don’t even think the mechanics of a return would be all that hard — just construct a situation in which some issues resurface from an old case and Harvey needs Mike’s help in resolving them. He can come in for an episode, check in on Harvey, and give his thoughts on the Harvey/Donna relationship. It’ll be a nostalgic callback and a chance to check in on where Mike and Rachel are in their relationship now.

Is there a case against it?

Maybe, only in the sense that there’s no guarantee Adams would be available or that there may not be a lot of time to make a worthy return happiness. We don’t think anyone really needs him to turn up for a two-second cameo; there’s no real substance to that. Doing that is almost the same as no appearance at all; we don’t expect Adams to be a major part of the show again, but we’d want to see at least a few scenes featuring him and more than just 30 seconds of airtime.

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Do you want to see Mike Ross back for the final season of Suits?

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