The Resident season 2 epsiode 16 video: Dr. Bell faces the board

The ResidentCome Monday night, The Resident season 2 episode 16 is going to force Dr. Bell into a position that he rarely ever is: One where he utters remorse.

Think about this for a moment here — we are speaking about Dr. Randolph Bell, a man who, next to maybe AJ, thinks he is god of all doctors. He is overconfident, brash, stubborn, and he doesn’t admit defeat. Yet, he is doing so in the sneak peek for Monday’s episode, one where he faces the board and makes a rather stunning admission: He was wrong. Henry Bartlett’s Quovadis medical device failed and because of that, he nearly died. The only reason why he didn’t die is because it failed while he was at the hospital.

In the end, we don’t need to tell you that this is a mess. A SERIOUS mess. Dr. Bell is the reason why the hospital went with these devices in the first place and that’s why the hospital is in the predicament that they are in. He advocated for Quovadis and now, he has to say to reverse course.

Herein lies the interesting conundrum for Bell: The board is now mostly all-in on the idea of these devices, and they don’t really want to change them. They recognize that their profits are up and the business side of the hospital is going rather swimmingly. This is when Bell does tell them something that they seriously should have considered right when he told them about Henry’s situation — that kid almost died. If that happened, or if there are more deaths down the line, won’t there be problems in the way of lawsuits? whatever profits they get now will be devoured and destroyed by something that happens a little bit down the line. They will win now but lose so much worse later.

Our hope here is that by the end of this episode of The Resident, Dr. Bell will have convinced this board to follow his direction and his line of thinking — this is one of those cases where the risk doesn’t justify what could happen if things go terribly wrong.

Could Quovadis strike back?

Certainly. We have to think that this company, in all of their corruption, probably has some sort of protection in place from people who try to screw them over. Just remember that these are the same people who decided to go all mobster on Julian earlier this season. They are capable of anything and should be tackled with extreme caution, if such a thing is really altogether possible. This may be a case where you just have to be brash and forget about caution altogether.

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