Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 16 promo: Are Owen, Amelia over?

OwenGrey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 16 is continuing next week — in other words, the show is not going to spend too much time basking in its glory. It had the big landmark episode, but it’s not time to move on to the next big thing.

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For Owen and Amelia, though, we’re not sure that moving forward is something that’s going to go all that well — at all. These are two characters who are suffering, and there are not exactly a whole lot of signs that some of this is going to get better in the near future. What are they suffering from, exactly? You have to put a lot of the blame on Owen’s own indecisiveness. It’s a tricky spot to be in with this character, given that through one lens, we like him — Kevin McKidd does a fantastic job in this role and he’s done a lot of great things for a good many people. Yet, at the same time this is also a guy who has done some rather questionable things. He’s gotten himself into hot water in his relationships between he either can’t stay out of his own way or he unintentionally toys with the hearts of others. He’s selfish — not maliciously so, but he doesn’t process how in the moment, his actions hurt others.

This is where we are now with him and Amelia entering this next new episode, given that she’s rather leery of giving this relationship another chance. When she looks through the rubble of where their relationship is at the moment, she understands that she can’t just keep living with constant concern over what’s going to happen with Teddy. If he wants to be with her, he can’t get fixated on Koracick at a party. He needs to have conversations with her. While it’s great that Leo is back, what about focusing on his relationship with Amelia? Obviously, Amelia has not been perfect throughout the relationship, either — we root for them, but they have to find a way to get things together and for Owen, clarity is essential to doing just that.

Some other relationship issues

Is Helen about to case some problems for her son Alex Karev? We don’t necessarily want to go that far just yet, but it’s clear that she is on a very different wavelength than either him or Jo when it comes to the subject of kids. She’s already kitted something for little people who aren’t even around yet! Jo isn’t pregnant, and their path towards that step in their lives isn’t altogether clear at the moment. We think they could be getting there — they have great jobs and Alex is more financially successful than ever. (Did anyone think that Alex was going to be so good as the Chief? He’s really figured that out, somehow.)

Yet, having kids is more than just being financially prepared. You gotta be emotionally ready, and these two are still newlyweds! They need to take some time, catch their breath, and then figure out their future at that point.

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