Shadowhunters season 3 episode 12 video: Clary, Jonathan in Paris

ShadowhuntersOn Monday night, Shadowhunters season 3 episode 12 is going to take Clary and Jonathan to another part of the world — though we don’t exactly think Clary is going to be that much happier than she was in the snow. This time around the backdrop is Paris, and while here, Jonathan will take advantage of the opportunity to bear at least a part of his soul to her.

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In the sneak peek below (via Entertainment Weekly), you can get a small sense of what we’re talking about as the two characters are at a cafe and while Clary (sporting the same wig as in the photo above) tries to get some nourishment (it’s not exactly like she’s had a lot of opportunities to eat as of late), Jonathan goes on a monologue discussing how Paris is one of the first places he saw after escaping Eden; soon after that, this is also where he met the real version of Sebastian. He has an affinity for him (hence why he took his face), mostly because he was able to see through the burns and the many scars that the character had.

This is the internal struggle of a character like Jonathan — in the right context, it can be easy to have a certain degree of sympathy for him. He is a tragic character who has suffered a great deal because of who he is and where he comes from; yet, he does very little to garner redemption other than speak of his past and the connection that he and Clary have. Jonathan’s one of those guys who really need to hear the expression “actions speak louder than words” and find a way to rise above his past; we know that he can talk a big game, but doing something other than talk is still foreign to him.

For those wondering, there is hope for Clary in this episode, largely because Jace will also find himself in Paris at one point! We don’t want to spoil too much within this piece (part of the fun of Shadowhunters is being able to immerse yourself in this world); still, if you’re a fan of Clace, there’s a lot for you to love in this episode. Just keep that in mind.

Other news worth noting

Remember that fun, domestic Malec scene that was previously teased for the second half of season 3? Basically, this is when Magnus realizes how hard it is for everyday humans to make breakfast unless you are like us and you live for breakfast! That’s going to be a part of this episode, so those of you who cherish these little moments between Magnus and Alec are going to have a reason to smile. Take advantage of these every little second that you can since you never quite know when things are going to go the other way and slip into chaos.

If you missed it…

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